Monday, August 1, 2011


Okay, so I guess the daily logging thing isn't working out as well as I hoped...maybe I will just catch the weekend up on Monday.

I returned to 100% measuring/weighing/journaling on Saturday. After the ever-so-frustrating Friday morning, I figured I need to figure out what is going on. I found a site that provided info on the amount of calories burned at rest, sleeping and for a lot of activities. Based on that information, if I am sleeping for 8 hours and sitting for 16 hours, I need something like 1710 calories a day. I typically am walking - running a 3 - 4 miles daily, which burns about 400 - 500 calories. I decided that since you need 3500 calorie deficit to lose a pound, that if I target eating between 1200 - 1500 calories per day, I should be able to lose just over a pound a week. Surprisingly, by being conscientious, I was able to easily stay within my target. We even had spaghetti and bread at dinner. It's all about portions.

On Saturday, after my 3 mile walk, I decided that since I was already in move mode, that I would mow the lawn. It quite easily has been 8 years since I last mowed our yard. We have a new self-propelled mower. I'm thinking maybe our last one wasn't. It was a lot easier than I remember. Still, I burnt 350 calories in doing it.

No progress noted on the scale, but I persevered and was again able to eat within the target calories. Dinner was interesting in that we had corn on the cob and leftovers. I wound up eating two ears of corn and a very small amount of macaroni and cheese. I think that if it weren't for that whole protein thing that I could subsist almost entirely on vegetables and fruit, especially in the summer when it is at the peak of yumminess. I don't eat beans (unless they are green), so I can't rely on them for a protein.

I fit in a 3 mile walk and then did some shopping, which is a great way to burn calories (picked up more work out clothes).

I survived a work day. I was able to have my coffee with cream and sugar and have a glass of wine at the concert we attended. We even had a catered lunch at work, but I filled my plate with salad, added a little bit of chicken, ate only half a breadstick and half a cookie.

I walked only 3 miles this morning. My walking partner had a vacation day and wasn't into getting up to go to the track. I came home and because I had slept in, only fit in about 20 minutes of push-ups from P90X Chest and Back. Still, 20 minutes is better than zero minutes.

#s to Go: 32
Consumed 1200 calories
3 mile walk, 14:00 pace, 427 calories
P90X Chest & Back, 20 minutes (1 round), 196 calories

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