Friday, July 29, 2011


Today was a tough day.

It started out pretty normal, only I slept in. Okay, that is a relative term, I didn't get up until 5:05. By the time I got to the track, my friend was nearly finished with her walk/run. I wound up only doing 2.5 miles at the track today (plus the approx 1 mile there and back), as I had to get home to complete my workout on time. I had a meeting at 8 am that I couldn't miss. I completed most of Legs and Back, but had to skip over a few of the exercises at the end to allow me to finish on time.

The problem really started when I went to get dressed. Nothing fit! I am not sure why, I just know that I tried on a couple of shirts and a couple of pants - couldn't button any of them. I was a mess - I was frustrated. I have been working out everyday and getting no where.

I did okay the rest of the day. My eating was okay. I started with my protein shake and a banana. Then, we had a team lunch at Mexican, I ordered chicken fajitas and ate just the vegetables and chicken. Dinner was a spinach salad with a bit of Feta cheese for me. I had some toast with Cinnamon Sugar Butter as a side (I need to do a review).

I am hoping for a better start to tomorrow. It is Saturday, so that alone should help.

# to go: 32
3.7 mile walk/run; 12:59 pace
P90X Legs and Back (legs focus)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, I get that I am consuming extra calories each day in my fight against this cold (the bottle of Gatorade that I drink adds about 220 calories that I wouldn't normally consume), but seriously how could I have gained weight. I walked 5 miles yesterday and did 45 minutes of strength training. I think it is times like this that leave me frustrated. I'm not making awful food choices, I'm working out and I'm gaining! I can handle if I maintain - I recognize that I might be consuming a few extra calories, but the gaining thing just doesn't work!

Food was okay today. Actually, I started out strong and finished in weakness. I forgot my banana, so breakfast was a protein shake. Lunch was steamed spinach with shredded cheese, raspberries, carrots & hummus and pudding. Dinner was two pieces of cheese pizza and 2 boneless wings.

It was much too warm to walk at lunch, so no additional exercise.

# to Go: 32
3 mile walk, 13:00 pace
Ab Ripper X

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have to give myself credit, (sometimes it is good to pat yourself on the back), I have been getting up and walking each morning in spite of the cold. I have to say that generally I feel better after getting out in the fresh morning air than I do when I wake up.

Today, it was finally cool enough to fit in a short walk at lunch. It was a slower pace than I walk alone, but my one co-worker was walking in heels.

I started my day with a protein shake and a banana. I wound up also having an oatmeal, my belly was gurgling at me! Lunch was one Turkey Salisbury Steak, a pudding, a nectarine, blueberries, carrots and hummus. I snuck in a snack size Twix (or maybe two). Dinner was one Turkey Salisbury Steak and spinach with a little bit of shredded Goat's Cheese. I capped my evening with two cups of tea with honey and 2 Biscoff Cookies (only 80 calories for two).

# to go: 31
3 mile walk, 13:09 pace (woohoo!)
P90X Arms and Shoulders
2 mile walk, 15:30 pace

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Maybe I should get more creative in my post titles?

I impressed myself by actually getting out of bed this morning and going for my walk. The medicine that I took at bedtime must have done a good job, because I seemed to get a good night's sleep. I felt fine for most of my walk, with only an occasional cough. I was sucking on one of the zinc tabs - those last a long time...normally, I wouldn't notice such things, but I was 20 minutes into my walk before it was gone and I had started it before I even came down to put on my shoes! I got my full 3 miles in this morning and shaved 1 minute off of the walk. It doesn't sound like much, but consider that was a pace that was 20 seconds faster. Speaking of which, I noticed in the Weight Watchers e-Tools activity tracker, for walking there is slow and there is 3. - 5. mph. As I was walking this morning, it occurred to me that 5 mph is a 12 minute pace. I felt like I was walking as fast as I could this morning and only got to 13:40 pace. I'm not sure how much faster I could walk, but now I have a new goal - 12 minute pace.

I started my day again with a protein shake. After exercising, I'm generally not hungry. I feel like I need to fuel my body though, since I exercise before breakfast. The shake is a nice compromise - I can drink it and it gives me the protein and nutrients I need to recover from my workout. Lunch was reasonably healthy with grilled chicken fingers and a salad. Unfortunately, I didn't chose between the cupcake and the roll, including both at my lunch. Dinner was a grilled turkey burger.

# to Go: 31
Walking: 3 miles, 13:40 pace
Ab Ripper workout

Monday, July 25, 2011


Today was a reasonably okay day for me.

I started my day with a 3 mile walker.  I wasn't convinced I would get it all in, when I woke up there were returns on the radar just to our west.  I walk alone some mornings (and really, am alone even when I meet my friend at the track).  I don't have an iPod (my son and husband do), so I walk with my thoughts.  Sometimes I find myself walking through presentations or discussions to have at work.  Sometimes it is totally random, like it was today.  When I start my walk, it is still almost pre-dawn with just the slightest peak of the sun on the horizon.  So, as I was walking today, I split my time between watching the east for the sun to continue to peak through and watching the west for rain clouds.  This got me thinking and wondering about the weather coming from the west when the way that the earth is spinning, you might think it would be from the east.  Then, I thought, no of course not, the weather is in our atmosphere and therefore spinning with us.  Like I said, random.

I came home and did P90X Chest and Back.

I ate (drank) a protein shake to start my day.  I had a mid-morning banana to complete my breakfast.  Lunch was leftover pulled pork with barbeque sauce (no bun - figured I could save calories there), plum, nectarine and carrots and celery with hummus.  For dinner, we decided to head out for dinner for Mexican.  I went with the fish tacos, hoping that they were a healthier choice with no sauce or cheese.

#s to go:  31
exercise - 3 mile walk (14 minute mile pace) & P90X Chest & Back

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I opened up this blog a few years ago and was using it to "play".  I liked the title and address I had chosen, so I have decided to repurpose it to share about my journey to a healthier lifestyle and weight.

I'm not sure exactly what my posts will be like.  I'd like it to be a bit of a daily journal - a mix of what activity I had for the day, what I ate, how I felt and such.  We will see.