Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

It was an okay weekend for me.

Friday - finally, things were back to normal. I had my standard oatmeal and banana breakfast, a reasonable lunch including a pizza, yogurt and fruit, and a new and tasty dinner of Buffalo Chicken Rolls. The Buffalo Chicken Rolls were so tasty and at only 115 calories each, they were only 3 Points each! A tasty way to end the day.

Saturday - it amazes me each week how many Points cereal can be. When I have a snack, I stick to one serving, but in the morning, the amount that I pour is actually considered two servings. This 6 Point hit in the morning is a bit large, but right now, I have no plans to change this. I guess it might be worth seeing how much a scrambled egg would be. Perhaps I could enjoy one serving of cereal and a scrambled egg instead of two servings of cereal. Lunch was a grilled cheese. It was yummy - I used white cheddar cheese and at only 8 Points, it was a perfect lunch. Dinner was Tilapia Vera Cruz. With only a little bit of cheese and some lime and tomatoes, it was super tasty and only 4 Points. Some Broccoli and Cauliflower on the side and just a taste of Rice Pilaf (about 1/2 serving), completed my meal and left me with points to enjoy an adult beverage in the evening.

Sunday - the week starts anew. The lesson learned today is that I should figure out Points before eating. I had found a recipe through Pinterest that sounded very tasty - Mountain Dew Cupcakes. They were very citrus-y and yummy...unfortunately, at 9 Points each, they also consume 1/3 of my daily Points. Since I can't see myself making a meal out of one, I will have to seriously consider how much I really want one, now that I know. I met a friend for sushi for dinner. It was very tasty, but I struggled to figure out the Points. I found the Maki rolls and I found the Spicy Tuna rolls (the spicy tuna rolls are listed as Maki rolls on the menu) - and the Points are widely different. I counted one of each and left it at that. Unfortunately, with the cupcake I had when I came home, I dug myself deeply into the weekly Points. On a positive note, the last week was flat...I had been up early, but was able to come in for a smooth landing. I ate every single Point that I was allotted last week, which I am sure kept me from being down. I am confident this week will be better (as long as I avoid the cupcakes!)

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Friday, January 27, 2012


Finally, a normal day. Well, mostly. I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as a normal day. Unless you count crazy, busy, hectic as 'normal'.

I was able to eat pretty close to my daily Points yesterday. Breakfast was a banana and oatmeal. For lunch, I started with a Weight Watchers frozen meal, but when I got pulled away from it before I finished, I wound up having to scrap about half of it. They just aren't that good once they are cold. I swapped in a sandwich to complete my lunch. I ate a yogurt and some clementines. Mid-afternoon, I had a small bag of pretzels. It's funny (at least to me), I had always considered pretzels a 'healthy' snack option, so I was a bit surprised to find that small bag of twists was 3 Points. Not awful, but it gave me new perspective and might change the way that I snack. Dinner was turkey hot shots - only 6 Points for a slice of bread, 3 oz of mashed potatoes, 3 oz of Turkey Breast, and a drizzle of gravy. The turkey was leftovers that we had frozen and it made for a tasty and warm meal on a cold, rainy night. I even had room left in my day for my evening snack of milk and cookies. Although, since I substituted an Oreo for a sugar cookie, I had to use a weekly Point to make it all happen.

The best part is that the scale is starting to move back to where I was before I had those two and a half days of over-consumption. Just two more days to go this week. I am going to have to have a couple more really good days if I want to go beyond getting back to where I was at the start of the week.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


After a couple of days of indulgence, it was very challenging to attempt to return to normal. It wasn't fully normal anyway, there was still a catered breakfast and lunch to deal with. A key difference is that I was on the go most of the day. This left me with less time to continue to nibble after I had eaten. Which helped, except, I found myself hungry and when I did have five minutes, it seemed like I was on the lookout for food.

Dinner was a complete return to normal. We had turkey sausage, pancakes, and pierogies. (it only sounds like a lot - it worked out to be a 10 Point dinner with the touch of syrup I used)

The challenge is that I was hungry at bedtime. I've heard that you shouldn't go to bed hungry. I normally have a small snack in the evening, because I have a couple of Points left. I decided that even though I had reached my Daily and am almost out of Weekly, it would be better for me to have a small snack than to not. I was worried I wouldn't sleep as well hungry. I had a bag of puffed multigrain snacks (buttery caramel flavor) in the cupboard. They really hit the spot and at only 2 Points, I didn't feel as guilty about having it.

Thursday will be even more normal. Hopefully, the step-down yesterday will make today easier and I won't find myself feeling hungry, just because I ate extra the past few days.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Oy! I have come to the conclusion that non-standard days really are a challenge for me. Having catered food for all three meals is not an easy thing for me to manage. I did reasonably well at both breakfast and lunch. I skipped the morning snack, but had a couple of cheese cubes with carrots mid-afternoon. It was the dinner that was the biggest hurdle for me. If you go to a sit down dinner and you have no input or choice on the menu, how do you eat right? I know the obvious is that I could have skipped the wine and not had any of the dessert, but even without that, the eating yesterday was again near my limit. I have only a handful of weekly points left and I still have half the week to go. I think the challenge for me this week is going to be doing my best to eat within the daily allowance each of the remaining days. If I can optimize my menu plan to meet my Points, I think I might be able to salvage this week and at least break even. I will have to see how today goes first before I can be sure.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Oh no! What a day.

After eating out on Sunday, my weight was up ever so slightly - I'm guessing salt was the leading cause, since my Points were close to where I would have expected them to be on Sunday. This was a bummer, but not something I was going to let stand in my way. I did really well during the day, with the exception of having a specialty coffee drink that was probably more Points than I should have used. I tried to find it online, but the calories seemed low to me. I decided to assume it was a drink that size that was all milk - that would have to be the worse case - since the milk was frothy. I unfortunately didn't think about the calories (or Points) until after I was enjoying it.

The evening was a challenge. We had a work dinner. I had some wine, some salmon, some filet, some potatoes, green beans, a salad and 1/2 my dessert. I would have loved to have skipped the dessert, but it was there sitting in front of me because I didn't say no when they set it down. I didn't need it, I was full, but sitting there, I just couldn't resist.

I need to figure out how to do better at tonight's meal. One 'off' night won't ruin the objective, but making a habit of it is not what I want to do.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too!

Again with this concept of daily. I guess at least I am trying!

Friday - It was a tough day - I did okay in the end, but it was a bit of a struggle. The day started fine enough, the scale was moving in the right direction. I packed up my breakfast and lunch and headed off to work. When I got there, I remembered that I had a meeting with both breakfast and lunch being provided. I did okay, but I traded my normal 3 point oatmeal and banana breakfast into a 5 point breakfast. Then at lunch, fortunately, there was salad available and I added some chicken and potatoes to that. It worked out to be about the same number of Points as were in my packed lunch. Dinner I tried out a new recipe for Lasagne soup. It was delicious and at only 6 points for 1 1/2 bowls, it was filling and tasty. I capped my day with a drink and some popcorn, while my husband and I watched The Help. Overall, it was a pretty good day. I used some weekly points, but left myself with a few for the next day.

Saturday - I did really well with breakfast and lunch. Using only about 1/2 of my daily points on the two meals. This was important because I knew that we were having friends for dinner and I was likely to eat more than usual and to have some wine. Surprisingly, I came pretty close...using all but 1 Weekly Points. I was glad that I had 'budgetted' well, but disappointed at the same time that I had used all of the Points.

Sunday - I am happy to say that I lost 2# this first week. The hardest part is that I know that I was better than that, but using so many Weekly Points on Saturday made the Sunday weigh in not as good as it could have been. I am hopeful that I will quickly 'recover' and will starting moving the scale in the right direction. We had a Kindgergarten Open House for my daughter after church, so we decided to do a mid-afternoon meal out and then have a light dinner at home. It was my first real eating out experience. I went with a chicken burrito, tried to limit my chips and had water to drink. Lunch worked out to be 15 Points still - about 1/2 the daily amount. Dinner I made a salad for myself and finished up the chicken from the night before. This kept me only needing to use a couple of my Weekly Points. Definitely a better start to the week than last Sunday.

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Friday, January 20, 2012


Well, the scale continues to move (even if only slightly) in the right direction. The best part though is that I feel better. I know that I have only lost a little and have just started wholeheartedly back on my journey, but together the result is that my body feels better and my attitude is better. I seem to be doing a better job overall of resisting temptation. I think that capping my day with milk and cookies helps. If I can avoid the random junk during the day, then I can enjoy a refreshing cup of milk and a sweet cookie for an evening snack.

Speaking of milk, it seems to be something that I wonder if I am getting enough of when I diet. I am challenged with the idea of drinking too many of my Points, but I know that milk is an important part of my diet. I make sure that I include dairy foods in my meal plan like yogurt and cheese to help fill me and still provide me with the calcium and other benefits of dairy. It's another reason that I love being able to finish my day with a cup of milk. It just makes me feel better.

I remembered to grab more oatmeal for my desk, so breakfast was oatmeal and a banana. Mid-morning, I nibbled on a clementine. Lunch was a Smart Ones Salisbury Steak and Macaroni and Cheese, a yogurt and a clementine. Mid-afternoon I snacked on a clementine and two dark chocolate drops (only 18 calories each, so I felt okay with this indulgence). Dinner was pancakes with a bit of syrup and I added a slice of that Parrano cheese I mentioned yesterday (not together - separate, after I finished my pancakes). Evening snack was a cup of milk and two small sugar cookies.

No extra activity to speak of. My friend keeps asking when we can meet at the track to run again. I would love to be able to start that back up, but since it is -1 degree outside, I'm guessing it could be a little while before running outside is going to be part of my daily (near-daily) plan.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I see that my definition of daily is still a little fuzzy! If you read my post on my main blog, you probably understand why I didn't get the Tuesday post done yesterday!

So, Tuesday...

It started out as a rough to get out of bed morning. I awoke to the pitter patter of raindrops outside. What is it about raindrops that makes me want to just curl up in bed and read a good book, or sit on the couch with a movie. I actually miss those days. Now that I have children, spending a rainy day being lazy just isn't an option. I guess though, that since it was a Tuesday and I work, it really wasn't an option anyway. So, I was slow to get up. I got a lot done when I did though, just no exercise. I am starting to think that I need to start my week with exercise, if I want a shot at exercising through out the week. Something about it motivates me.

I did really well with eating, I even had room in my daily Points for a cup of milk and small sugar cookie. It was a great way to cap the day. Breakfast was a banana and oatmeal, mid-morning snack was a clementine, lunch was the other DiGiorno pizza, a yogurt and a clementine, mid-afternoon snack was a clementine, dinner was a spinach salad with 'regular' (full fat) dressing and some sliced up cheese that I picked up at Earth Fare this weekend called Parrano which they describe as a blend of Parmesan and Gouda, evening snack was a cup of milk and a small sugar cookie. The best part was that I really didn't feel hungry during the day.

The scale is finally starting to react and move in the right direction. Although I am only actually recording my weight once a week, I still can't stop myself from checking in periodically to keep tabs on how things are going. I find it motivating. When things are working and I am having success (even .2#), I find myself more inclined to keep on going and more likely to resist temptation.

I did only okay with eating on Wednesday. I forgot that I had a lunch meeting. I also didn't know it but I was out of oatmeal at work - by the time I realized I was out, I had a meeting and then only an hour until lunch. So, breakfast was just a banana. Mid-morning I had a clementine. Lunch was a taco bar, that I chose to consume in the form of a salad - I tried to make it heavy on lettuce and tomato (and got mocked about it) with a bit of chicken and salsa, but couldn't stop myself from adding a little cheese and sour cream. I also had no will power against the angel food cake and whipped cream. It certainly didn't help that I was HUNGRY when I got to lunch. I made myself a note so that I would bring in more oatmeal and avoid being hungry at lunch time. Dinner was Crunchy Onion Chicken and a baked potato. Even though I was dipping into weekly points, I still capped with a cup of milk and a sugar cookie.

The other thing working against me was the fact that I couldn't get the Weight Watchers Mobile App to work on my phone yesterday. It was stuck in this vicious update cycle. I wouldn't have expected it, but after just a few short days on Weight Watchers, I really have become dependent on this app to help me track where I am at and avoid temptation. If I had known how many points my lunch turned out to be, I might have had more resistance to the angel food or taken a smaller piece.

Oh well, what's done is done, and Thursday is a new day.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Monday was a little bit easier for me.  Perhaps it was because I was at work and it was a crazy, hectic sort of day.  I ate a banana first thing in the morning, but between meetings and trying to get a few things together, it was after 10 before I ate my oatmeal.  I wasn't hungry when I ate it, which I think is a good thing.  It also made it so that by lunch time, I was not hungry either.  Lunch was a frozen DiGiorno pizza - I had never had their small ones before, it was the 200 calorie tomato and cheese one.  I have to say that for a microwaved pizza it was tasty and crispy.  Yum!  I also had a yogurt and a clementine with it.  Later in the afternoon, I again snacked on clementines.  My daughter had swim lessons, so I had a granola bar on the way to swimming to hold me over to dinner.  I had thought that I might not need a snack, but I was hungry when I ate it.  It was 3 Points, which I expected it to be less since it was only 90 calories, but that just goes to show that the fat, carbs and protein portions that make up the calories drive the Points.  Dinner was carry out pizza from a local place that is not in their database.  I wasn't sure how to guess, so I weighed the pizza that I ate and then found a national chain cheese pizza that weighed the same and used that.  Surprisingly, it was only 7 points for the small and medium size piece I ate (122 g).

I wasn't very active Monday, other than running around from building to building at work and making about twenty trips upstairs when my daughter took over 2 hours to go to sleep after she was in bed.  Crazy! 

Points used: 26

No compensation was received for this post. I was provided with a trial subscription to Weight Watchers. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, January 16, 2012


You know, I've tried to do it on my own for a while and despite the fact that I am trying to measure and record calories, I think that I need a little more accountability. I signed up for Weight Watchers again Sunday morning. I downloaded the app to my phone and am ready to give it my best. After watching the success that my manager has had over the past 6 or 9 months are a true inspiration to me. Now, I have a ways to go to have her self-control, but if I can get there, I know that this will work for me. She is one of those people that never looked like she needed to lose weight, but now that she has, she looks simply amazing and she did it by following Weight Watchers for much of the past year.

My starting point was higher than I hoped it would be, but my goal remains unchanged. I have about 27# to lose to get to my goal - yes, that means I am up about 5# from where I was before. I guess that I enjoyed the holidays a little more than I wanted to admit.

It was easy enough to get back into weighing and measuring food and recording it in the tracker. I must say that having the tracker on my phone is certainly going to help. It will allow me to quickly add things when I am eating and not at home (or perhaps check them before I eat them). This was always an area where I struggled in the past. I would have good intentions and would estimate/measure and write things down, but being able to keep track as I go should help me be more aware and better manage my food consumption away from home.

What is it about the first day of "dieting"? I ate only a little less than I normally would, but for whatever reason, I felt famished the whole day. There must be something mental about starting to watch what you eat that leads your mind to think, I'm going to be deprived, better make the stomach act hungry. I used a little more of my weekly points than I had hoped to, but that just means I will need to be more aware as the week continues and may not have as many left for Saturday as I would like.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Where does the time go? Despite my good intentions of tracking and recording here so that I have that extra level of accountability, I seem to have lost a number of days with no posting. Thursday - a bummer of a day. I'm not sure why, stress I would guess, but I tended to pick and snack all day long. I think that it will be good when the lingering holiday food gifts and boxes of chocolate are completely consumed (or simply ditched). They just create an opportunity for me to pick mindlessly. At least a trip to the vending machine is a conscientious effort and I am more easily able to dissuade myself from it. Friday - I weighed out from the holiday weight maintenance program on Friday. I was flat - not an all bad story, except I was trying to lose so to be flat after 6 weeks is a real disappointment for me. You would think I could find some inspiration in this and bring myself into a better focus. Saturday - We bought pretzel bread and made cheese dip. I'm not sure why, but I am a dip for dip. I eat it like crazy. I should know better and simply not even look at dip. But, alas, I can't seem to do this. Now, there is a small bowl of dip left, but the bread is gone. The weather is supposed to be okay this week. I was thinking of a Monday morning run, but since the overnight low is supposed to be about 28, I think I will wait until later this week. If it is 45 during the day, it should be warmer overnight, right? Here's hoping for a better week this next week.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm not sure how I missed it, but I failed to record the oatmeal that I had at breakfast yesterday. If I had recorded it, I likely would have skipped a snack, based on my calorie intake. Oatmeal isn't many calories, but it was enough to push me up to almost 1600 calories, which is definitely above my target.

When I woke up this morning, I was still undecided as to my work out and decided I would go with the standby Walk At Home. It is a great way for me to work out and work out things in my mind. Which is a good thing, because if I don't I tend to get stressed and then I tend to eat - I know I'm a stress eater, so reducing stress is important part of my journey.

Eating was reasonable today. I only had one cup of coffee (with cream and sugar), so that saved me a bit. Dinner was pasta - thin spaghetti, because you feel like you are eating the same amount, but because it is thinner you actually consume less by weight. I finished off the champagne from New Year's tonight. It was a nice treat to cap the day.

Unfortunately, I think I am feeling the onset of a cold. That is not a good thing. Hopefully, a good night sleep will help.

2 mile walk - Walk At Home DVD
about 1400 calories consumed

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, as promised to myself, I got up this morning and tried out Zumba on the Wii. Had I planned ahead, I think that I would have thought to run through the tutorials yesterday. Not that it would have made a big difference likely, I concluded that I was not very coordinated and that with minimal prompts on move transitions in the routine, I likely need to do the routine about 10 more times before I have a clue. That's okay, I enjoyed it, so I will (to quote Tony) "keep pressing play". I am not sure if I will try it again tomorrow or try to mix things up. The question is, if I mix it up, do I go with Wii Fit or do I go with a P90X workout or do I do something different. My running partner (or such as it was) asked if I wanted to go to the track sometime this week - I asked if they plowed the track. I would love to go and run, cold doesn't bother me so much as trudging through snow that will cause me to slip and/or my feet to be soaked.

Food was okay. Returning to work was a bit of an adjustment. I failed to bring my water cup with me, so I drank less water than normal. There were still some random snacks around from assorted Christmas gift baskets that people had received (some of them after those people left for the holiday). I stuck with popcorn. It was only 160 calories per serving - even for the cheese flavored. It felt "safe" as a snack.

Calories consumed: about 1450 calories

Zumba for the Wii - 41 minutes; tutorial, plus workout
shoveled the driveway

Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, it's a start of a new year and not to be cliche, but I am starting anew on my focus of healthy eating and being active.

Today, my activity focus was on cleaning and laundry. I vacuumed, I mopped, I made several trips up and down the stairs with laundry basket in hand. I also had the opportunity to shovel the driveway. It wasn't a "real" workout, but there is no doubt that all of those activities are indeed activities. Tomorrow, I hope to try out my new Zumba game for the Wii. I've never done Zumba, so it could be a rather entertaining session (not that anyone will be awake at that hour to observe - thankfully).

I also refocused on my eating today. I allowed myself to relax on monitoring my eating over the holidays and enjoyed more than normal quantities of wine and champagne. And, no surprise, the results were less than good, I had a small weight gain over the holidays.

I know that resuming routine activity and focusing on healthy eating will allow me to get back on track on my weight loss and healthy living journey.