Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Bummer! Same 25.6# to go still. I guess I ate near the top of my range yesterday and maybe my body was still catching up from the extra calories on Monday.

I went to the track this morning for my run/walk. It felt good. I was able to run a full lap plus each of the every other laps that I ran. I am not sure if I am running slower or stronger, or maybe a bit of each? Point is, just a few weeks ago, the thought of running half a lap felt like a stretch. Today, I ran past the numbers, maybe it was only 10 meters, but it was still further. The 12th lap, I ran 100 meters into the 13th lap. I think that will be my goal for Friday - to go the extra 100 meters on each lap that I run. I was also glad to sneak in 2 miles at lunch. We have a 1 mile fitness trail now at work, so my friend and I did two circuits. We walked a little bit slower than usual, but it was a bit warmer than we normally walk and less shade than walking through town.

Eating was good. I forgot my banana and almost caved to eating junk food to carry me to lunch. I was able to persevere in the end and waited until lunch to eat. Funny how that 85 calories can make such a difference. Dinner, well that might be another story, we had BLTs - which aren't too bad. However, I nibbled on the bacon while I made it. At only 90 calories per serving, it wasn't too bad eating 2 servings, until you consider the sodium and the fat!!! Oh my! It was so tasty eating it, but later it really sat heavy in my stomach.

#s to go: 25.6#
Calories consumed: 1200 calories
Calories burned:
4.65 mile walk/run, 12:55 pace, 630 calories
2 mile walk, 15:25 pace, 291 calories

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