Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back in the Groove and Going Strong

I am very proud of myself. Our new Y opened this weekend. Each morning, I have gotten up and headed to the Y to work out. It is still relatively quiet there first thing in the morning, so I have had no trouble being able to be the master of my own workout. The track is open, the equipment I want is open, it has all been working out well. With it being the week before Christmas and all the hub-bub associated with getting ready and winding down, I am guessing that not as many people are choosing to work out. I will be curious to see how quiet it is after the new year.

The first day I thought I was going to pass out on the track. It is above the field house and they must have had the heat on as high as it would go. It was a bit like walking/running in the Sahara. I couldn't drink enough water. So, I cut the walk/run portion short and headed to the equipment. I decided to check out the stationary bikes. They have these Expresso bikes, where there is a video screen in front of you showing you the route that you are riding.

I liked mixing it up, that now that is my routine. I run and walk for two miles on the track and then I go and ride the bikes. Because time is limited, I have done a 1.5, 2, and 2.4 mile ride so far. It makes the changes in 'elevation' seem more reasonable and I think that the interactive screen makes the ride go by quicker than it would without.

They also have a full gamut of resistance training equipment. I think that I would like to go in on a weekend and have someone walk me through all of the equipment, which muscle groups, what reasonable weight I should be using for each. That way, I could opt to rotate through the muscles and add a little strength training to each day. If I want to run/walk 2 miles and ride 2 miles, then I will only have about 15 minutes to do strength training each day.

Eating - well, that is another story. It is the week before the holidays and there are treats galore at work and this dinner and that dinner, plus I made cookies - which I can't resist. Good thing I give most away, or I would gain some serious cookie weight.