Thursday, April 18, 2013


So, for several weeks now, my husband and our friend have been engaged in a weight loss challenge. My husband is doing great. He is really dedicated to the effort and is really seeing the benefit of his focus. I unfortunately, in that same window have managed to stay completely flat - okay, not entirely true, there have been elements of up and elements of down, but mostly just oscillating around where I am. It has been completely frustrating to me.

I am eating well - I am even more focused on healthy meals now because I want to set my husband up for success. I am exercising regularly with 3-4 mornings of cardio and 2 mornings of toning/bootcamp focus each week.

When we have a weekend event or some travel for work and eat a little more than normal, I seem to put on a pound or two that won't come off for a week or two and by then, I have arrived at the next event. The challenge for me is that is very frustrating. I feel like even if I don't eat right all the time, I have the same result of watching most of the time and relaxing my vigilance on occasion. It's not supposed to work that way...there are even diets out there that suggest that if you focus 6 days a week and 'eat what you want' on the 7th day that you will still be successful. So, why doesn't it work for me?

I think that if I weren't being physically active on a routine basis, I might find it less frustrating. But, I know that I am burning calories during cardio and that I am building muscle with the toning/bootcamp - the combination should make it that much easier for me to weather the peaks and valleys of my calorie intake, but it seems to do nothing.

One of my coworkers has decided that we should walk at lunch. It used to work real well for me, so I am going to start that up again with her. I know that it is a good thing for me emotionally at the very least, a way to take a mental and physical break mid-day that leaves me less stressed and more focused...a better employee.

I am signed up for next session's classes at the YMCA. This time there is an official class on Thursday and toning that day won't just be on me.

I am planning to have a friend meet me at soccer practices, so that I can walk around the park where practice is and use my time at the park in a productive way.

Something has to give. I have a goal in mind and if I am going to lose 25 pounds before I turn 40, I need to start now.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boot Camp - Day 5

Another great class. I am completely certain that I will feel this morning's workout in my legs and my core. She did the workout circuit style again. We warmed up by doing exercises across the room - walking lunges, run backwards, run forward, walking lunges, grapevines, grapevines, high knee skip, walking lunges, stationary jumping jacks, walking lunges. (I think that was the extent) Then, we moved into the circuits - 1 minute for each exercise. First, we used balance balls and did push ups and then rolled the ball in with our legs (abs). Second was power lunges - we would get down in a runner's lunge and then jump up raising our back leg as a high knee and then back down - second minute was the other leg. Next, we did kettle bells. In round one we did gunslinger and did each arm for one minute. The second round we did boxing and did each arm for one minute. Then, we did cross jack squats and push up jacks. The next station was the step - we did power steps forward and then across. The last station was abs. We took turns, each doing a minute, of lying on the floor and the other person throwing our legs forward, right, forward, left and so on. We did the circuit twice and then moved on to push ups and planks. We did 15 push ups, followed by 30 s per side, leg lift side plank. Next we did plank and then did this side plank push up thing (that I completely failed at). Then we did a back plank for one minute. As you can see, it was awesome! Next week there is no class due to spring break for our teacher. So, maybe I will try to do some of these exercises at home with my equipment.

I am still trying to recover on the scale from this weekend. It is kind of crazy to think how much impact one night of snacking and wine can make on your weight and how it doesn't just 'drop' the next day. You would think that a return to normal routine would bring you back quickly...but at least for me, it doesn't. I finally have most of the snacks out of the house, so at least they won't tempt me any more.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catching Up!

I guess I must be has been almost two weeks since I updated.

Things have been going well. The scale was finally responsive...of course, we had a game night last night and now I need to "recover" from the snacks everyone brought to share and the couple of glasses of wine that I enjoyed.

Boot Camp Day 4 was a great class. We used balance balls for the class and she alternated between 1 minute of cardio and 2 minutes of strength. The after effect of the class was mostly felt in the triceps and upper abs.

I was worried about missing some classes in the coming weeks due to travel, but turns out that the instructor is going to miss a couple of them and is moving those classes to the 'break' week - makes me feel better that I won't completely miss out. Now, I only have one class that I expect to miss and have to find my own make-up class.

The Zumba class that I take not at the Y is adding a resistance training class in April that a friend and I are planning adding to our rotation. I really think that the more I focus on both cardio and toning, the overall better my results are. I think that is part of why the scale was slow to respond in the beginning of the year when my workout was more cardio based.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boot Camp - Day 3

I must admit - I am absolutely loving my Boot Camp class. It probably is a good thing that is only once a week - it took me until Saturday to recover last week. Today's class was no exception.

We started with a 1/2 mile warm-up run. It became clear to me from the beginning, I am not in good running shape compared to my classmates. The 1/2 mile is 4 laps at the track and although we started in a group, most of them finished about 1/4 lap ahead of me. Not awful, but not great. Then we headed back to the workout room for our workout. We did lengths of the room in assorted fashion - walking lunges with a back kick, duck walk, frog hop, hopping on one foot, shuttle run, and I'm sure something else was mixed in there. In between lengths, while the other half did the same thing, we alternated between squats, lunges of assorted styles, cross over jacks, resting and some regular jacks. We did this circuit of fun twice. Then, we went to wall squats - both regular and one leg. After that we grabbed mats and bands to work on the rest of the body. We did some back exercises, some shoulder exercises, biceps, and triceps. We took to the mats and did superman, v-sits and bicycles. Then we stretched. I can already feel it. In fact, when I arrived at work this morning I could feel the 'tired' in my leg muscles. Now, the soreness is creeping in. I can only imagine what tomorrow morning will be like. I might have to take the elevator to get to spinning class!

Eating has been really good. I think that my husband watching what he is eating is making it easier. I am trying to make sure that we have meals that he enjoys, so that he realizes that eating healthy doesn't mean not eating what you enjoy. I think I might be convincing him that it is about choices. The 'healthy' pasta is 40 calories less per serving than the standard pasta. Having french bread pizzas is lower in calories than a regular pizza (and both are better than take out - in calories and taste too if you ask me!). We have had more salads in the recent weeks than we have in a long time. I have been buying cucumbers, cauliflower and the like to chop up for the salads. The kids are really enjoying it and frequently have a second serving of salad.

I'm certain the scale will respond any day!

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday - a day for arms

There was no class this morning for me, for whatever reason there isn't a class offered early morning on Thursdays this session, so I had to come up with a game plan for today. Last night, as I was still experiencing the soreness (a good thing) of having done Boot Camp on Tuesday morning and Zumba with plenty of squats and lunges on Wednesday night, I decided that this morning would be an arm morning. So, in typical fashion, I turned to P90X Arms and Shoulders. It was a great workout, but I must admit, I could barely do the kick backs in warm up and picking up my weights for the workout was a real challenge, my legs just didn't want to. I am glad that I had planned for arms and didn't have any visions of an extended walk or run for this morning. I just don't think that I would have gotten too far if I couldn't even do kick backs in the warm up.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boot Camp Day 2 - the next day

Tuesday morning marked boot camp. It was another great workout. I think above all else, I am amazed at how quickly the time goes and how greatly I feel the workout when I am done. Yesterday's class was a circuit class. She set up 5 stations and fit in some walking push ups and side planks in between the circuits. We were paired up for the circuit. The first station for me was with weighted balls - we did 1 minute each of slam down squats and torso twists (who knows their real name, that is just what I call them). I think I used an 8# ball. The second station was kettle bells - we did 1 minute of kettle bell swing squats and 1 minute of step back lunge kettle bell figure eights (again, I don't know the real name!). The third station was sit ups - you switched off with your partner, each doing 1 minute of sit ups. The fourth station was step - we did 1 minute of a quick step and then 1 minute of a cross over step. The fourth station was plank - the first minute was plank, the second minute was reverse (backwards?) plank. Then the walking push-ups and side plank. We did the circuit two full times and the third one was for 30 seconds each, in the interest of time. I certainly felt the squats and lunges in my legs and glutes and honestly, still am! I was expecting with the sit-ups, planks and push-ups to feel more in my core - generally, I do - but for some reason I did not. Maybe my form was off because the planks were at the end of the cycle for me.

This morning's spinning class was a challenge. I felt stiff starting out and around 20 minutes was thinking to myself, now that I am going, I am doing well. Then, we went to position 3 for a song and did a climb...guess what! my glutes and hamstrings were not in favor of that one and I realized that it was really hard to climb when I was feeling yesterday's workout.

Then, at Zumba tonight our warm up song includes took a while to loosen enough to really have a spring in my step while I did the workout. She did a few songs with squats and lunges, so I am sure that the legs will continue to recover. She also did a bunch with side bends, circles and other core working activities.

Eating has been reasonable, but a few work lunches make things harder and leaving me not fully tracking - which is a bit of a detriment come evening and not really knowing where I finished my day. I plan to refocus on that. My husband is trying to more cognizant of what he is eating, so that makes eating at home a little easier. It has helped me make sure that vegetables are more a part of our dinner - be it salad or hot vegetables, or could it be, both.

Now, if only the scale could catchup, it would make me feel better. Reenforce my efforts and all.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Time Flies!

It is crazy to think almost a full week has passed since I posted. It was a busy week!

Thursday morning is one without a scheduled class. I had thought about heading up to the Y, but since I haven't yet had a chance to be trained on the use of the strength training equipment I decided to stay home and do P90X Arms and Shoulders. It was a good workout, it has been a while since I have done that DVD. I keep thinking that I will fit in three P90X strength workouts in the evening, since most of my morning workouts seem to be more cardio.

Friday morning it was back to Spinning. It was another great workout.

Saturday, I started my day with a one mile warm up, followed by Zumba Toning and then a Zumba class. I was a little surprised by how heavy those little 3# weights feel in your hands after a 45 minute class.

Sunday is usually a non-workout day for me, but my daughter has been asking me to take her to the track with me. I didn't realize how serious she was. I wore my jeans and a pair of tennis shoes, as we were going to run errands and have dinner out after we went to the track. She wanted for me to run with her...I couldn't really do that in jeans. I told her we could jog and that next week, I would wear workout clothes and then we could run. I think it is fun that she wants to work out with me. She always would join me in the DVD workouts, if she was up when I did them.

Today, unfortunately, my little girl is sick. She had gotten up in the middle of the night and I was tentative about going to the Y, but when my alarm went off and she hadn't been up again, I decided to go. Right up until it was time to walk out the door and I heard her get up. I headed back upstairs and sure enough, she got sick and I stayed home from Spinning. I had planned to do a DVD, but she was up and wanted to watch a show. So, I will have to see what I can fit in later today.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Day After Boot Camp

It's been a day since I took the boot camp class and the good news is that I am feeling it! The boot camp workout was amazing and today I have the tenderness to prove it. It is not quite the P90X Plyometric feeling in my legs, but as an added bonus, I can feel it in my back and shoulders and a little in my chest too. This morning at spinning, I could definitely feel yesterday in my legs. It was just that much harder to push myself and get the RPMs at each gear. I forgot my heart rate monitor today, but based on the sweat factor - I would say I was in the zone most of the workout and it was a good one. The cool down walk was a definite necessity today.

Eating was good yesterday. I finally was headache free all day, which further supports my theory on the source and I will be exploring that in a week or two when I see the doctor. Having no headache left me feeling snacky last night. I had some white cheddar cheese and some Triscuit Thins, which was fine until I had a second serving. Oh well! You will have that from time to time and it is okay. Before my snack, dinner was tasty and reasonably healthy too - Cajun Jambalaya Pasta. Full of peppers, onions and tomatoes, with some chicken breast too (we skipped the shrimp last night) - it is high in veggies, lean protein and flavor. I made sure to stick with a single serve of the pasta, but allowed a little extra of the toppings.

Tonight, I plan to fit in a Zumba class. I miss Zumba, now that it is not available at a convenient time for me at the Y.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Boot Camp - Day 1

Wow! That really is the only way to sum it up. Today, I participated in my first boot camp class. It is taught by my spinning instructor and I know most of my classmates. The warm up was very reminiscent of P90X and other like programs. Some cardio followed by stretching. Then, we did a mix of what I would call plyometrics style exercises. None were too long, but all were intense. You were getting cardio, but with the associated squats, lunges, push ups and the like, it was clear that you were working the muscles too. Then, we grabbed a weight bar and a step and proceeded to do some squats, chest presses, upright rows, and more. Of course, we wrapped up with some stretches. The workout was great! I was feeling it by the end - love that feeling! I followed up the boot camp with a 1 mile quick walk at the track (around a 12 minute mile).

I am confident that by tomorrow, stairs will be a challenge. I sure hope that I can make it through Spinning with the soreness I anticipate. Now, if we can talk her into doing the class twice a week instead of just once.

Yesterday was a good day. I started the day with Spinning and a 1/4 mile cool down walk. It was a more intense spinning class, based on my heart rate monitor. I had to take some longer breaks to fully recover.

Eating was good too. I started with my typical protein (MRS) shake and a banana. Lunch was a steakhouse wedge (dressing on the side) with a wonderful horseradish cheddar cheese and apple slices. Dinner was Lasagne. I fit in a snack of a cinnamon roll, made for my manager's birthday (they are just too irresistible - so soft and so easy to make too!).

The best part, the scale responded in a positive fashion. Not much, but I was down from my previous low. That felt good.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slow and Steady

I know that slow and steady wins the race and that the best way to lose weight and maintain the loss is to lose it slowly, but it doesn't make the slowness of progress any less frustrating. Over the past few weeks, I feel like the scale has done little to respond despite the effort I have made to be active and watch what I was eating. Clearly, the loss is more visible than the scale would suggest, because others have commented on my weight loss and the clothes that were tight are definitely fitting better.

Lately though, the most frustrating thing has been an incessant headache. Not a throbbing, debilitating type of headache, but a constant dull pain. Early on, it was at the top of my head, but as the week progressed, it seemed to be located more where I was used to having a sinus pressure or stress induced muscle tightness headache.

It started mid-week and just left me unmotivated and trying every combination of ways to address (I'm not one to take medicine, but I did eventually have to take something to see if it would make a difference). I have tried slowly drinking water all day, to ensure that I was evenly hydrated - I almost always drink more water than the recommended amount, but I have a tendency to drink 16 oz before 7 and then a little more before lunch, 16 oz at lunch time and then a little in the afternoon, 16 oz on the drive home and then some in the evening for about 64 oz each day. I was drinking about 8 oz each hour to make sure it wasn't being caused by dehydration. That didn't seem to have an effect, so I decided to cut caffeine - not that I have much, usually a cup of coffee (16 oz cup) and a handful (or two) of M&Ms account for 99% of the daily caffeine I consume. The first day, I made my coffee half regular and half decaf. The next day, I skipped it altogether. I did maintain the chocolate though. This didn't have much effect (I know, caffeine is supposed to help headaches and cutting it can cause headaches, but I needed it gone to make sure it wasn't impacting my headaches), so I tried to eat at regular intervals. I started to spread out my meals. Instead of eating it all at once, I would eat my banana and then have the oatmeal an hour later. I would eat the main course of my lunch and then have the yogurt and then the fruit across the span of the afternoon. This didn't seem to help. I was trying to get to bed earlier and because I didn't have class this week (the break week between classes at the Y), I opted to allow myself to sleep in. This didn't seem to help.

Finally yesterday, it just seemed to be better. I got up and got laundry folded and put away. I got the dishwasher emptied, the dishes in the sink cleaned and put away. We drove to my son's soccer game and my head bothered me a bit on the drive. I was fine during the game. We drove to roller skating and my head was bothering me again. I roller skated for two and a half hours and was fine. We drove to dinner and my head was bothering me. I was fine at dinner. We came home and my head was bothering me. I rested on the couch and watched TV. I felt fine when I headed to bed. This morning...we are a couple of hours in...I am doing fine.

Based on timing, I have a sidebar theory that I will explore at my next doctor's appointment. If it comes back before then, I probably will head to the doctor to try to understand the headaches.

Classes resume tomorrow at the Y, so I am hopeful that I will continue to feel good and can return to regular activity this week.

The good news is that despite all of this, the slow and steady race continues and I haven't lost ground, just haven't gained much either.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep on Keeping On

I have been like the little engine lately...just sort of chugging along. Not making much in the way of progress, but continuing to be conscientious about what I choose to eat and sticking to a regular workout schedule. I may not be having a scale impact, but I think by now the one thing that I know about my body is that it will seem to not react and then suddenly, BOOM!, I will be down a decent amount and will continue to waffle around a weight for a little while again.

This morning was frustrating, I will admit. I had been out last night for a concert and got home and to bed much later than I normally do. My husband said to me, it is okay to miss a class. I said that I wanted to try and still make it to class. I got up and headed up to the Y a little late and only had time for 7/8 mile warm up (but I did run a full 1/2 of that distance). When I headed over to the group exercise room, my fellow class mate was there, but no sign of the instructor. We gave her a few minutes and when she didn't show, we figured there was no class. So, here I was - at the Y and warmed up, what would I do. I decided to walk. So, I headed back to the track. It was much more crowded than it is first thing in the morning. I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go, but decided that my workout ought to be twice as long as my warm up, so I settled on 1 3/4 miles. It seemed a bit strange to run the warm up and walk the work out, but it is what it is and I just couldn't muster up the run after having cooled down in prep for class.

I guess I will have to try to make it to another Zumba class later this week to make up for the miss.

This weekend was a banner weekend for working out. I went to Zumba on Saturday morning, because I knew the substitute would be there and she does a great workout with lots of squats and lunges and hops. Then, Saturday afternoon we went roller skating with friends. Then, Sunday, my son had a birthday party at Pump it Up and since it was small, the parents got in on the jumping and we ran the obstacle course. It was a nice little unplanned bonus exercise and certainly made me realize that I am not a kid anymore. I was very ready for a nap after playing hard.

Generally, eating has been really good. I even did a reasonably acceptable job with eating out dinner this weekend and enjoying the Big Game with friends. I tried to snack mostly on the cut vegetables and only have a taste here and there of the buffalo chicken dip and other things that I simply love. I know that I need to figure out the balance, because I want to be able to enjoy life and maintain a healthy weight.

Monday, January 28, 2013

What a Wonderful Weekend (and Monday too)

I had a really good weekend. I started my day on Saturday with a Zumba class. It was with my regular instructor, but the song mix was a little different and she did a lot more of teaching to many levels - makes me wonder if the fact that I am not super coordinated is why she keeps it lower intensity. We shall see. Saturday night was Girls' Night Out. I had a great time with my friends. We went to a Thai restaurant and I ordered Seafood Garlic. It was full of steamed vegetables and had mussels, shrimp, scallops and calamari in it. The sauce was awesome. After I ate the main course, I ate the rice - covered in the sauce. I also enjoyed some wine with dinner. Then we went out to a show. I managed to maintain my weight, despite a fun a night out...that I awesome. Just think, if I had skipped even part of the rice (or a glass of wine), it could have been a net loss. That is so encouraging to me. Going out and enjoying time with friends and family is very important to me...I just need to do it in a healthy way.

Sunday was sort of a lazy day. No workout. I ate cereal for breakfast - which I never do during the week. It was nice to just relax.

Monday, I am happy to say started with Spinning. I managed to get up on time and head over for class, despite the freezing rain. It was a great class, even though at the beginning I was questioning if I could make it through. My cool down walk felt good. It was mostly a good eating day, except for the chocolate. What can I say, co-workers have chocolate and work has been crazy, busy = stressful lately. Better to enjoy a little than to go over board, is all I can say.

Hope you are off to a great week!

Friday, January 25, 2013


What a disappointment. I must have been tired, as I forgot to set my alarm last night. So, this morning, I rolled over and looked at the clock to see how long until my alarm would go off and discovered that it was already 6:30. I had not only not gotten up when I needed to, but I had already completely missed my spinning class - it was just ending. I was so disappointed to miss my Spinning class. It is so much fun and such a good workout.

It might not have been so bad to take a break from my workout, but then I went and had a stressful day at work. Working out always helps me relieve stress, so to have missed that relief, made it that much more stressful. Now, I just want to sit down tonight with a bowl of ice cream with hot fudge. If I had at least worked out, I would feel less guilty.

I definitely think that I will have to make a point of going to Zumba tomorrow, to make up for today's missed workout.

Overall, otherwise, things are going well. I know that I will get past this missed workout, but I just wish that I didn't have to.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


You know, the thing is, I actually really enjoy working out. Sure, there are times when it is hard to get out of bed, but I know that if I get up and move, I will feel so much better. For me, working out is as much about the physical benefits as it is the mental ones. Working out is such a stress release. I can't really 'think' when I am doing Spinning or Zumba, it is a good break to turn the mind off and focus on the activity at hand. I think in the multi-tasking world in which we live, our minds are always on. The opportunity to disconnect really helps our mental abilities. The brain needs a break! Of course, when I am walking in warm up or cool down mode, I admit, I do use that time to run through my mental checklists, plan out my day or work through a conversation that I need to have that day. But, even that feels like a great chance to focus and align - I know that technically I am multi-tasking, but really for the mind, it doesn't feel that way - plus, it makes the walk/run super quick.

Yesterday was a busy, but great day. I started with Spinning Class. It was a very quick 45 minutes. I didn't get as much distance, but I can tell that I am working harder. I have my gears at higher numbers and am still getting the same RPMs during the different phases of the workout. It felt great. Then, I did a 1/4 mile cool down walk - it simply is a necessity after that workout. A busy day at work was followed by a one hour Zumba class. The class was packed - had I arrived 2 minutes later, I would have been turned away at the door and upset. I need to make sure that I head to Zumba a little earlier I least for a few more weeks.

Eating has been good. I have been getting a great variety of food, but eating within my targets. We even went out to dinner with friends and I was able to do it. Eating right makes me feel better too! There just is something to be said for how sluggish I feel after I nibble on chips or sweets. Now, don't get me wrong, I still find a way to fit in a bit of chocolate each day, I'm talking the 'desserty' sweets. Yesterday, mid-afternoon I was feeling a little hungry and grabbed a bag of baked chips that was leftover from a meeting. After eating it, I wondered why. I can't say that I really felt less hungry, but I felt a lot more sluggish. It fit within my day from a calorie perspective, but I could have grabbed an apple or a banana and been so much more satisfied and felt better too.

The scale is continuing to respond. I am so thankful for that. It is amazing how motivational progress can be.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Move it! Move it!

I went to a Zumba class that I don't normally attend. My intent had been to see how my less than enthusiastic instructor did when there were a number of participants in the class. Of course, as luck had it, she wasn't here today, so I joined in the class with the substitute instructor. She had us moving. There was a lot of squats and lunges and jumps and hops and turns. It was a great class. If she were my regular instructor, I have no doubt that I would be burning off calories a lot faster. It really was more like aerobics or toning than Zumba - there were little of what I have done from a 'dance step' perspective in either of my other Zumba classes. I think more than anything, the extreme difference in what Zumba is depending on instructor really struck me.

Friday morning was a great spinning class. I am still fighting this cold, but I likened the sweat and the pumping of blood through my body to how your body normally fights a bug with a bit of a fever. I struggled with some of the workout, the cold is leaving me feeling a little light on energy, but I was glad that I went.

Eating has been good.

The scale is FINALLY responding in a way that I was hoping.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh, the Pressure!

I simply do not like being unable to breathe. I know, crazy right? This crazy head cold that I am starting to develop is really a pain. I have been fighting it tooth and nail. I have been taking my zinc and vitamin c. I have been drinking Gatorade (hydration, electrolytes and all that good stuff). I have been drinking my hot tea with honey. I have been trying to get a good night's sleep each night. I have been trying to stay active and hopefully, by getting the blood pumping, up the fighting power. Last night was the worst. I couldn't fall asleep because I couldn't breath. I finally gave in and had some decongestant in hope that I might actually get to sleep. I did, but it was a fitful sleep. I am fine when I am standing, but when I sit or lay down, my nose feels completely stuffed. I just want it to go away!!!

Yesterday was a great day for working out. I did my spinning class and it was a workout. Maybe it was because I am fighting this cold, but I was sweating like crazy and really was pushing myself. I definitely needed the 1/4 mile cool down walk I do after class. I think my legs would not have carried me down the stairs otherwise. Then, last night, I headed to Zumba at my 'regular' place. I think it is part instructor, part song. It was inspired, up beat and fun. Then, this morning, I went to Zumba at the Y. It was a good class. The music still was less upbeat and loud, but it was still a better class than it had been. I think the instructor might have been sick last week with a cold, and that might explain her lack of get up and go that I observed. I also did my 1 1/2 mile walk before Zumba and I actually even ran 3 of the laps. It felt good.

Eating - mostly pretty good. I seem to be overdoing it only on liquids, but that can be the nature of a cold. I am trying to drink plenty of fluids in an effort to thwart this cold. Also, I had soup yesterday - tomato bisque - one of my favorites. I couldn't skip the croutons and Parmesan cheese garnish.

The scale seems to be finally considering moving. There hasn't been much activity, but I keep think one of these days it is just going to drop and that weight that I should be losing in monitoring food and increasing activity will suddenly be realized.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A long way in a short time, or nowhere at all?

Wow! Just came home from my 6th spinning class. I have officially completed two weeks worth of spinning class. I will say that I am really enjoying it. Each workout is just enough different, that I don't feel like I am getting bored or that I can anticipate what will come next. The instructor for the class is great. I am even to the point, outside of maybe when she does seat touches, that I am actually keeping up and doing what everyone else is doing. Not even two weeks ago when I took my first class, I was always pushing myself to stay in Position 2 or 3 for just 20 more seconds and then it was I have to stay for at least 30 seconds and can't sit for more than 20 seconds before rejoining the correct position. Now, when we are up, I am up. The seat touches are the only hard thing for me. I can't get the rhythm down. When she does jumps and we are up for 2 or 4 or 6, I am okay, but with touches I just get out of sync and my muscles aren't sure what to do. But, that aside, I am very proud of myself for trying something new and catching on (okay, I know - it is biking and I have been riding a bike for more than a few years).

Today's class was intense. I don't know the true absolute accuracy of the equipment gauges, but I went almost a mile further and burned 20% more calories on the gauge. So, on a relative scale, it was more intense. I could feel it too. I was sweating more and my legs were a little more like rubber bands when we were done. It is a good thing that I always do a 1/4 mile cool down, otherwise, I'm not convinced that I could go directly from class to descending the stairs.

Taking morning classes has turned out to be a very good thing for me. It certainly is keeping me motivated to get up on time and to get out the door. I am glad that the local Y is finally open and that I am taking advantage of the facility.

Eating...well, I'm not really sure what to say. I feel like I am eating pretty well. I do find myself struggling when I cook meals that are combinations rather than components. It is easy to measure out a chicken breast and green beans but measuring a stuffed pepper or a cheesy chicken pasta serving is a challenge - sure I can measure one cup or measure 100g, but approximating how many servings there are or what their size is is the challenge.

The odd thing is that the scale is going NOWHERE!!! I am going to try to be even more diligent this week in truly measuring and calculating. I am going to try to 'sum' up the weight of the components in a recipe so that I can figure out how much total weight there would be so that I can measure out a serving and have perspective.

I know that body can take a couple of days to adjust to a change in work out routine and will hold those 'reserves' during that window, but usually that is a few days not over a week.

Oh well, the important thing is that I keep on monitoring my intake and focus on time, it will all workout.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Week

It is a new week and the Y finally seems to have the lighting issue under control. Yesterday morning, I arrived just as they got the lights on. Today, it seems that there were no issues with lighting.

Monday morning was filled with Spinning class. I am definitely getting 'better' at Spinning. I am able to stay 'out of the saddle' for longer periods. It probably helped that yesterday's class focused on strength training. Higher gears and climbing worked well for me. My legs were dying by the end of the class. I wrapped up with a 1/4 mile cool down walk around the track.

Eating was mostly okay yesterday, I seem to be experiencing a bit of stress at work and I am a stress eater, so I found myself picking at chocolate. I think I need an alternate stress breaker than chocolate.

This morning, I started my day with the intent to do strength training. I signed up at the Y for an equipment overview, so that I could ensure that I was doing the right circuit of strength training equipment and the right reps. Unfortunately, they haven't set those meetings up. I asked and the guy on duty told me the staff had not yet been trained on everything. So, I did a quick 1 1/4 mile walk and joined the Zumba class. I might wind up moving from a 3-day a week class schedule to 5-day a week - at least for this first session, since it feels like I will be through the session before I am called to set up a time to work through everything.

Time to get ready for the day!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

By the Light of the Fridge...

Sort of sounds like a late night eating binge story, but in reality it is the story of my Friday morning workout. I headed to the Y and was there in plenty of time to sign up for the classes that I will take and to head to Spinning. I got there and there were about 8 people standing in the lobby. The rest of the building seemed to be dark. Turns out that they had lights in the bathrooms, the lobby and a small lobby upstairs. Everything else - the pool, the fitness center, the fieldhouse, the Spinning room, the main hallways - was dark.

After standing there for a while, the Spinning instructor reminded them that we did the class on Wednesday without lights in the room and asked if the bikes could be moved out into the hallway or somewhere that had some light so that the class could go on. We all used our phones as flashlights and proceeded upstairs. Someone opened the door of the fridge to provide some light in the Spinning room. The instructor said that is enough light and proceeded to adjust the temperature, so that it wouldn't run too much. We set up our bikes and proceeded to work out. When we were about 35 minutes into the 45 minute class, the lights came back on. We had a late start, so hence a late finish, but I was glad that I didn't give up and leave before they decided to hold class in the dark. It felt great and I did a better job of staying out of the saddle for longer periods with the rest of the class. I followed up the workout with a 1/4 mile cool down walk.

Speaking of class, I decided to sign up for two Spinning and one Zumba class. I figure the other two days I can do some walking/running and some swimming. I could also use those as the days that I use the weights in the fitness center to do some more toning. The session is only like 8 weeks long, so I can always bump to four or five days of formalized class if I think it will be a better fit for me.

Eating was not so wonderful yesterday. I did great until mid-afternoon. I was in a meeting and the meeting lead brought along a Chex mix - with Bugles and Fritos in it. Well, I thought I would only have a couple, but I found myself periodically picking. That part wasn't so bad, but when the meeting was over, that salty taste in my mouth had me wanting something sweet. Conveniently, there were still some Christmas cookies and candies set out by others, that I picked at.

I am on the right path. I am being active and being more conscientious about the food decisions that I am making. I am still tempted and still lack full control to stop at one taste of a treat, but I am making the right choices 90% of the time and that will go a long way to helping me reach my goals of being healthier and more fit (and lose some weight along the way).

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Uninspired Workout

So, this morning, I got up and headed to the Y to check out their Zumba class. I have only taken Zumba from one instructor and she is someone that has lost weight and achieved better fitness through Zumba. She has a true love of the program. I got to the Y a half hour before the class started, so I began with a 1 1/2 mile warm up walk. Then, I headed to the fitness area to the group class studio. No one was there yet. I signed up for the overview program for the equipment in the fitness center. Just a few minutes before class started, the instructor arrived. There were supposed to be four people in the class, plus me - I was just checking it out. I was the only one as class started. The routines were not too complicated - but I still stumbled on some transitions, since they were new. After a couple of songs, another person arrived for the class. As the class progressed, the instructor slowed down - I don't know if she was not wanting to do jumping jacks or really move or if she was trying to demonstrate the low side for beginners, but it seemed so uninspired. I left the workout not really feeling like I had done much. I have some muscle tenderness now, so I think that I might have actually done something, it just wasn't the 'fun' class that I was used to Zumba being, because the instructor was not as energetic. I am hopeful that it was a first class of the new year kind of thing and that next week it will be better. I really wanted that to be one of the morning classes that I took in addition to Spinning.

Eating was okay today, until it wasn't. I like to think that I made mostly wise decisions when we went out to dinner at a new Mexican restaurant, but the reality is that I picked at the chips (so I know I had more than the 12 that is a serving). My meal was one chicken taco and one chicken enchilada. No sour cream. There was that queso though...and I enjoyed dipping a few chips in it. Hopefully, it won't have an actual impact, but I feel a little blah from the food right now.

Hoping for a healthier meal plan and a more energetic workout tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year!

Well, before winter break came, I was doing a great job of going to the gym every morning. I was walking/running and then doing a bit of biking. We had two solid weeks off and despite thoughts about going to the gym, I just didn't find the time. At one point, I took the kids up to use the pool and my daughter said to me, "we should take Daddy, so that you can walk Mommy". It sounded like good logic to me and I was impressed that my 6 year old was concerned that I find time to walk, but unfortunately, my husband wasn't available to join us because of work.

This morning, I got up on time and headed up to the gym to start the new year off right (they were closed yesterday). I got there and it seemed oddly dark. I headed to the track and noticed that the fitness center and the track were both dark. They evidently were having a light issue - although, the main hallways were well lit. I heard the music coming from a multipurpose room and peeked in. The instructor was getting the dark room set up for a Spinning class. I had never taken a Spinning class, but knowing that it was not looking good for walking or biking in the fitness center, I asked if I could try it out (there is a nominal fee to take a class). She invited me in to try the class.

It was a blast, it was incredibly difficult (I certainly wasn't up as much as they were) and I felt great at the end of the workout (and I'm starting to feel it now). I definitely will be doing that again! Plus, it is actually a class that starts before 6. Tomorrow, I am trying out a 6 am class, but I am concerned that it will run too long for me to get the rest of my morning in. After Spinning, I did a 1/4 mile cool down walk. The lights were back on. There were other people on the track - not sure if that was a function of the time (I'm normally there at 5:30 and it was 6:30) or if it is a New Year phenomena. I like my empty track and missed it today.

Eating was good today. There were still some tempting treats at the office - everyone had a great idea to bring in the bad stuff so that they wouldn't be tempted. I did really good until afternoon. Then, I just wanted a little something sweet. I was doomed from the time I took one bite - it just made me want more. I was able to resist keeping myself to only a second piece, but wish I hadn't had the first bite. I think I will pack another piece of fruit tomorrow.

We were at the mall yesterday and I told my husband that when I reached my goal, I was going on a shopping spree. I would keep certain staples from my wardrobe, but I wanted new clothes. I'm not sure that he realized that I was serious, but I am.

Unfortunately, the holidays set me back a bit, but I am certain that I will be back on track soon. Especially if I do sign up for a couple of classes that I will go to each week.