Thursday, August 4, 2011


The weather was good this morning and I was able to get out for my morning walk. It seems to be that I have to start later each morning with the sun. It was almost half an hour into my walk before it was actually "dawn" out. Sure, the sun was on the horizon, but barely noticeable. That could become a problem. I can't start much later than I do and still get everything done.

Last night, I had some candy with my tea in the evening. The calories fit in my plan, but I felt rather blah after eating it and this morning, I found myself hungry. It would have been better to have meaningful calories that would have stuck with me.

The gang at work decided to go out to lunch today. I agreed to join, it was raining and I couldn't walk and wasn't really wanting to eat by myself. I decided that it was best to go with breakfast. I had two eggs over easy with dry toast (I buttered it myself, so I could control the amount that was used). It wasn't bad, but not as filling as I would have liked. Left me munchy this afternoon and I caved and had a cookie. Dinner was pizza. It is good to know that the family can enjoy an ordered in pizza and I still can make my target. Eating out twice in one day though is not a habit that I would like to get into.

#s to Go:28.6#
Calories consumed: 1460 calories
Calories burned:
3 mile walk, 40 minutes, 406 calories

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