Friday, August 19, 2011


What a disappointing morning. I woke up to discover I had the same 25# to go. I really wanted to pass that hurdle. There is nothing magical about it, but for some reason, having less than 25# to lose just sounds like it. Oh Well! I know that I will get there.

Then, I went out for my walk/run. I was doing a great job! I walked the first lap and then ran a lap, then I went to a walk 1/2 lap, run 3/4 lap pattern. I was impressed with myself, until I had to stop. Why? Because of the gel insert that I had put in my shoe last week. I liked the added cushion that they provided and actually was preparing to give them smashing reviews. But, you know what? It was slipping in my shoe and got to the point where I could feel the left edge on my right arch. It was awkward and uncomfortable. After completing lap #8, I paused my workout and adjusted it back into position in my shoe. It still didn't feel right. So, after maybe 1/4 of a lap, I stopped again to remove it. By this point, I had broken my stride. I finished up walking 2, running 1/2, walking 1/2. I think I wound up running in total about what I did on Wednesday, but the point was I was going to run more.

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