Friday, August 26, 2011


I ran in the neighborhood again this morning. I tell you what though, this whole sunrises get later as we move into the fall thing, is going to make things more challenging to me. I can't push my start time much more, but it seems that more and more of my walk/run is in the early dawn timeframe. Soon, it might still be fully dark when I want to start. There are enough familiar faces when I am out that it might be okay, but I will have to see. Too dark and I might just have to shorten the outside distance I do and do a walking video to start.

I like running in the neighborhood. The hardest part about running in the neighborhood is the hills. It sounds backwards, but I find the downhill sections of the run to be the hardest. I tried at the end to slow down my run to see if I could run further. I tend to walk and to run at one speed - all out. For walking, it is fine unless I am with others. For running, it wears me out quicker. Slowing down a little bit seemed to work. I ran further and more time when I was going a little slower. I will definitely have to keep focusing on that. I'd like to be up to a sustained 5 minute run by the end of August (which I guess is the end of next week). I ran most of 5 minutes on the second to last 5 minutes today. I walked across the street and around corners.

#s to Go: 24

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