Monday, August 15, 2011


Rainy Day!

I started my day with Leslie Sansone Walk At Home 4-Mile Super Walk. I have to look and see if she has an estimate on calories burned during that workout. It is more than just walking, it is a full-body workout. It even uses Body Boost Cables, to allow you to tone your upper body and increase resistance when you walk.

The lazy Sunday only caught up slightly with me. I showed a slight (0.2#) gain on the scale this morning. Who knows, that could just be the higher levels of salt consumed at dinner.

I was all prepared for a healthy eating day, and then I remembered that I had a shower at work. I did a decent job with the meal portion, but the cupcakes were amazing and I couldn't resist. Still, even with my estimation of the portion, I still was able to stay within my daily target.

#s to Go: 26.2
Calories consumed: 1455 calories
Caloreis burned: 500 calories (based on low end estimate from Leslie's post here)

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