Monday, August 8, 2011


Well, it's Monday. I think that the Feta cheese on my salad last night had more sodium than I had bargained for. I was up slightly this morning and I figure that given my activity yesterday and the calories consumed, that likely it was a sodium thing.

I went for my walk/run this morning. When I woke up, my hip was a little bit stiff. Walking and running were both a little bit of a challenge to start with. Once it loosened up, it was much better. I think I need to focus on stretching through the hips. Also, my right side was more stiff, wondering if the track is a contributing factor. Tomorrow I walk the neighborhood, so there is less of a repetitive nature to the walk, we will see.

Food was good today. I tried to limit my calories at lunch, in anticipation of eating out with a friend this evening. I had to estimate a lot (and hopefully erred on the side of caution), but I wound up consuming almost as many calories at dinner as I do in a whole day! Ironically, as we sat at dinner I through out a number and my estimate came in pretty close - 1100 calories. Seeing that makes me realize how easy it can be to over consume.

#s to go: 28.2#
Calories Consumed: 1950 calories
Calories Burnt:
4.6 mile walk/run; 13:11 pace; 670 calories
20 minutes P90X Chest and Back; 196 calories
1.25 mile walk; 15:00 pace; 175 calories

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