Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I kept up with the daily walking again today. I slept in a bit though and didn't have the time to do my P90X Ab Ripper.

We went to National Night Out and I ate the hot dog and skipped the bun. I was certain to ask how many calories and the woman at the grill was kind enough to check the package to share the calories with me. I was surprised to learn that it was only 170 calories, I expected for it to be much worse.

As might have been expected, I was still hungry when we got home, so I had a small snack of cheese and crackers. Even so, I was able to keep my calorie consumption in the desired range.

#s to Go: 31#
Calories Consumed: 1460
Calories Burnt:
3 Mile Walk, 13:39 pace, 368 calories

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