Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today, was a travel day for work. I was able to get up and fit in my 4.5 mile walk/run. I had hoped to do some of my Arms workout, but I couldn't miss my flight, so I wound up having to skip it. I had hoped to finish it this evening, but I was just a little too tired.

Eating was a little bit of a challenge for me today. When I got to my meeting, there was a fruit tray and donuts. I had already had breakfast. Then, for lunch they had catered in salad, sandwiches and the yummiest desserts. I did well with filling my plate with salad and enjoying a vegetable sandwich (the bread had some sort of nuts, so I only had a bite of the bread and wound up eating the vegetables with a fork). Then, I had to have dessert - it was too tempting. I had this brownie with a mint filling - yummy!

#s to Go: 28.4#
Calories Consumed: 1380 calories
Calories Burned:
4.6 mile walk/run; 12:33 pace; 650 calories

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