Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Guess this daily log thing is not always working so well for me. The good news is that I am tracking it on paper at least, so it's not like I forgot.

Friday was a great workout day. My friend wasn't at the track when I got there and after giving her two laps to show up, I decided to stay anyway. I knew that the guy from the cul-de-sac behind me always shows up at about the same time, so I figured I wouldn't be alone for long. There was a beautiful (near-)full moon in the sky. It was a big ball of orange. If my cell phone weren't tracking my workout, I would have pulled it out and taken a picture of the moon.

Saturday was another good workout day. My daughter wanted to join me and I figured, what type of mom would I be to say no? She hopped on her bike and I modified my route to minimize street crossing. I am proud to say that she made the full 3-mile journey with me - not bad for a 4 year old with training wheels. Which, brings me to my next thought, Saturday afternoon I spent a little bit of time running beside her in the parking lot of our community center. She has decided that she is done with training wheels. I think she will get the hang of it. I would pseudo hold most of the length and then fully let go when she reached the grass, allowing her to go as far as she could before going off balance. I also mowed the grass for a more extended activity time.

Sunday was a wet day and I decided that I needed a break. I opted to not put in a dvd or anything. It was a wonderful, lazy day. But, I got a lot done around the house too.

Eating, well that was a whole other story. I seemed to have lots of not fully tracking this weekend. I wrote everything down, but didn't look up things like pulled pork sandwich and fish tacos.

I managed to do okay though.

Friday - 26.8# to go
Saturday - 26# to go
Sunday - 26# to go

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