Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday & Sunday

It was a pretty good weekend. I had a slight set back on Saturday with regards to the scale, likely because I allowed myself a little snacking and drinking. I was pretty much at the same point on Sunday.

For dinner on Saturday, we made Cajun Jambalaya. Generally served on pasta, I opted to enjoy the fresh veggies and chicken with out the pasta. It was still very tasty and I saved myself some unnecessary calories - which I quickly swapped for BREAD! Dinner on Sunday I enjoyed steamed spinach with feta cheese and a little of the bread leftover from Saturday. It was super tasty.

Saturday morning, I started the day with a walk. I had attempted to go to the track, but evidently middle school football practice was going on and there was stuff on the track. So, I wandered around the neighborhood behind the track. Then, I came home and mowed again. It isn't a lot of exercise, but I figure why not keep active and keep it from hindering the afternoon. In the afternoon, before it rained, the kids wanted to play outside. We went for a bike ride and for the first time I attempted to ride a bike instead of walking. It was a challenge. It is hard to go slow up hills to stay with my daughter. Then, when her training wheel got knocked loose, we both had to walk a bike home.

Sunday morning, I headed to the track. It was a lot warmer than it normally is when I am there. I was able to walk and run, but my runs seemed a little shorter. I also lost track of laps while I was there.

#s to Go: 28#
Calories Consumed: 1255 calories
Calories Burned:
3.5 mile walk, 51 minutes, 480 calories
Mowing, 47 minutes, 350 calories
Bike Ride, 100 calories

#s to Go:27.8#
Calories Consumed: 1200 calories
Calories Burned:
4.6 miles, 61 minutes, 650 calories

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