Wednesday, August 24, 2011

all those days I missed, plus Wednesday

Wow! I was very busy this weekend into this week and clearly, this post was not my priority. We spent the weekend with family and friends, celebrating my son's birthday. Overall, I feel like I did pretty good with everything.

I took off Saturday and Sunday from walking/running. There was just too much going on and too many people at my house to make it feasible. I did however make up for some of that on Monday. I did 3.25 miles in the morning, 2 miles at lunch and 1.25 miles in the evening with my daughter (walked to my son's baseball game). Tuesday morning I repeated my 3.25 miles in the morning, but when my manager's manager asked the two of us if we were heading to lunch, I decided it might be best to join them than to pass to walk. Wednesday, it was storming in the morning, so I did the 4-mile Super Walk DVD from Leslie Sansone. I tried to jog when they were walking in place, since today was a walk/run day. Then at lunch, I was able to fit in just shy of a 2 mile walk.

Food, I did reasonably well. Friday evening we had a dinner/karaoke event to say goodbye to someone that was leaving our team. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and ate only the chicken, not the bun. I did however pick at a good number of sweet potato fries. I limited myself to one drink and filled the rest of the evening with water. On Saturday, I did my best to nibble on the cut veggies and the watermelon and filled my plate largely with salad. Then, there was the evening and everyone was hanging out and we had cheese, pepperoni and crackers. They were yummy and I had a little wine with them. Then, Sunday, we went out to lunch to celebrate my son's birthday - he wanted to wear the sombrero. Monday, I'm not sure what got into me (actually, I do - it was stress) and I took a rather generous portion of chocolate cake that had been made for a celebration. I was mostly back on track since then. There were a few things that I ate that I'm not sure how to gauge the calories, but I still think I did well.

The good news is that by balancing my eating and fitting in the exercise that I did, I was able to come through the weekend pretty well. I am actually flat to where I was last Wednesday. Now, I just need to fully focus and get back on track to losing weight.

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