Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

It was an okay weekend for me.

Friday - finally, things were back to normal. I had my standard oatmeal and banana breakfast, a reasonable lunch including a pizza, yogurt and fruit, and a new and tasty dinner of Buffalo Chicken Rolls. The Buffalo Chicken Rolls were so tasty and at only 115 calories each, they were only 3 Points each! A tasty way to end the day.

Saturday - it amazes me each week how many Points cereal can be. When I have a snack, I stick to one serving, but in the morning, the amount that I pour is actually considered two servings. This 6 Point hit in the morning is a bit large, but right now, I have no plans to change this. I guess it might be worth seeing how much a scrambled egg would be. Perhaps I could enjoy one serving of cereal and a scrambled egg instead of two servings of cereal. Lunch was a grilled cheese. It was yummy - I used white cheddar cheese and at only 8 Points, it was a perfect lunch. Dinner was Tilapia Vera Cruz. With only a little bit of cheese and some lime and tomatoes, it was super tasty and only 4 Points. Some Broccoli and Cauliflower on the side and just a taste of Rice Pilaf (about 1/2 serving), completed my meal and left me with points to enjoy an adult beverage in the evening.

Sunday - the week starts anew. The lesson learned today is that I should figure out Points before eating. I had found a recipe through Pinterest that sounded very tasty - Mountain Dew Cupcakes. They were very citrus-y and yummy...unfortunately, at 9 Points each, they also consume 1/3 of my daily Points. Since I can't see myself making a meal out of one, I will have to seriously consider how much I really want one, now that I know. I met a friend for sushi for dinner. It was very tasty, but I struggled to figure out the Points. I found the Maki rolls and I found the Spicy Tuna rolls (the spicy tuna rolls are listed as Maki rolls on the menu) - and the Points are widely different. I counted one of each and left it at that. Unfortunately, with the cupcake I had when I came home, I dug myself deeply into the weekly Points. On a positive note, the last week was flat...I had been up early, but was able to come in for a smooth landing. I ate every single Point that I was allotted last week, which I am sure kept me from being down. I am confident this week will be better (as long as I avoid the cupcakes!)

No compensation was received for this post. I was provided with a trial subscription to Weight Watchers. All opinions expressed are my own.

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