Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Oy! I have come to the conclusion that non-standard days really are a challenge for me. Having catered food for all three meals is not an easy thing for me to manage. I did reasonably well at both breakfast and lunch. I skipped the morning snack, but had a couple of cheese cubes with carrots mid-afternoon. It was the dinner that was the biggest hurdle for me. If you go to a sit down dinner and you have no input or choice on the menu, how do you eat right? I know the obvious is that I could have skipped the wine and not had any of the dessert, but even without that, the eating yesterday was again near my limit. I have only a handful of weekly points left and I still have half the week to go. I think the challenge for me this week is going to be doing my best to eat within the daily allowance each of the remaining days. If I can optimize my menu plan to meet my Points, I think I might be able to salvage this week and at least break even. I will have to see how today goes first before I can be sure.

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