Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too!

Again with this concept of daily. I guess at least I am trying!

Friday - It was a tough day - I did okay in the end, but it was a bit of a struggle. The day started fine enough, the scale was moving in the right direction. I packed up my breakfast and lunch and headed off to work. When I got there, I remembered that I had a meeting with both breakfast and lunch being provided. I did okay, but I traded my normal 3 point oatmeal and banana breakfast into a 5 point breakfast. Then at lunch, fortunately, there was salad available and I added some chicken and potatoes to that. It worked out to be about the same number of Points as were in my packed lunch. Dinner I tried out a new recipe for Lasagne soup. It was delicious and at only 6 points for 1 1/2 bowls, it was filling and tasty. I capped my day with a drink and some popcorn, while my husband and I watched The Help. Overall, it was a pretty good day. I used some weekly points, but left myself with a few for the next day.

Saturday - I did really well with breakfast and lunch. Using only about 1/2 of my daily points on the two meals. This was important because I knew that we were having friends for dinner and I was likely to eat more than usual and to have some wine. Surprisingly, I came pretty close...using all but 1 Weekly Points. I was glad that I had 'budgetted' well, but disappointed at the same time that I had used all of the Points.

Sunday - I am happy to say that I lost 2# this first week. The hardest part is that I know that I was better than that, but using so many Weekly Points on Saturday made the Sunday weigh in not as good as it could have been. I am hopeful that I will quickly 'recover' and will starting moving the scale in the right direction. We had a Kindgergarten Open House for my daughter after church, so we decided to do a mid-afternoon meal out and then have a light dinner at home. It was my first real eating out experience. I went with a chicken burrito, tried to limit my chips and had water to drink. Lunch worked out to be 15 Points still - about 1/2 the daily amount. Dinner I made a salad for myself and finished up the chicken from the night before. This kept me only needing to use a couple of my Weekly Points. Definitely a better start to the week than last Sunday.

No compensation was received for this post. I was provided with a trial subscription to Weight Watchers. All opinions expressed are my own.

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