Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Monday and Tuesday too

Monday was a good day. It was an uneventful sort of day and sometimes that is best! I ate right to my Points for the day (even with a handful of M&Ms thrown into the mix! The best part was that I didn't find myself feeling hungry. Spacing out my breakfast and lunch really helps me keep from getting hungry, which allows for me to be in better control of my eating.

I'm not sure what I was thinking, other than I guess I thought it was Tuesday, turns out it is Wednesday, so here is the Tuesday news too!

I did really well the first part of Tuesday and then I went to dinner with a friend. Having 24 Points at dinner certainly caused me to use some of my Weekly Points. But, it was worth it. We went out for Greek food. When I came home, I was able to find a site that listed all of their nutritional data. If I had known ahead of time, I'm not sure that I would have changed my approach. My meal was this toasted pita that was rolled around spinach and feta. It was served with a salad and I added a little bit of dressing. I had a glass of wine and we shared a dessert called the Chocolate Bomb. The desserts weren't listed, so I did a search on Chocolate Bomb and found one from a grocery store that had nutritional data. I am not sure if it is completely right, but figure that half a serving being 7 Points, if I wasn't right, I was likely pretty close. The meal was super tasty and the company awesome. I had planned for the day and kept my breakfast and lunch Points at a minimum and I only used 8 Weekly Points in the end, so really it was only dessert that put me over. I think that is pretty good. As expected, the scale reacted to the added Points yesterday, but I know it is only temporary.

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