Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Oh no! What a day.

After eating out on Sunday, my weight was up ever so slightly - I'm guessing salt was the leading cause, since my Points were close to where I would have expected them to be on Sunday. This was a bummer, but not something I was going to let stand in my way. I did really well during the day, with the exception of having a specialty coffee drink that was probably more Points than I should have used. I tried to find it online, but the calories seemed low to me. I decided to assume it was a drink that size that was all milk - that would have to be the worse case - since the milk was frothy. I unfortunately didn't think about the calories (or Points) until after I was enjoying it.

The evening was a challenge. We had a work dinner. I had some wine, some salmon, some filet, some potatoes, green beans, a salad and 1/2 my dessert. I would have loved to have skipped the dessert, but it was there sitting in front of me because I didn't say no when they set it down. I didn't need it, I was full, but sitting there, I just couldn't resist.

I need to figure out how to do better at tonight's meal. One 'off' night won't ruin the objective, but making a habit of it is not what I want to do.

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