Friday, January 20, 2012


Well, the scale continues to move (even if only slightly) in the right direction. The best part though is that I feel better. I know that I have only lost a little and have just started wholeheartedly back on my journey, but together the result is that my body feels better and my attitude is better. I seem to be doing a better job overall of resisting temptation. I think that capping my day with milk and cookies helps. If I can avoid the random junk during the day, then I can enjoy a refreshing cup of milk and a sweet cookie for an evening snack.

Speaking of milk, it seems to be something that I wonder if I am getting enough of when I diet. I am challenged with the idea of drinking too many of my Points, but I know that milk is an important part of my diet. I make sure that I include dairy foods in my meal plan like yogurt and cheese to help fill me and still provide me with the calcium and other benefits of dairy. It's another reason that I love being able to finish my day with a cup of milk. It just makes me feel better.

I remembered to grab more oatmeal for my desk, so breakfast was oatmeal and a banana. Mid-morning, I nibbled on a clementine. Lunch was a Smart Ones Salisbury Steak and Macaroni and Cheese, a yogurt and a clementine. Mid-afternoon I snacked on a clementine and two dark chocolate drops (only 18 calories each, so I felt okay with this indulgence). Dinner was pancakes with a bit of syrup and I added a slice of that Parrano cheese I mentioned yesterday (not together - separate, after I finished my pancakes). Evening snack was a cup of milk and two small sugar cookies.

No extra activity to speak of. My friend keeps asking when we can meet at the track to run again. I would love to be able to start that back up, but since it is -1 degree outside, I'm guessing it could be a little while before running outside is going to be part of my daily (near-daily) plan.

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