Monday, January 16, 2012


You know, I've tried to do it on my own for a while and despite the fact that I am trying to measure and record calories, I think that I need a little more accountability. I signed up for Weight Watchers again Sunday morning. I downloaded the app to my phone and am ready to give it my best. After watching the success that my manager has had over the past 6 or 9 months are a true inspiration to me. Now, I have a ways to go to have her self-control, but if I can get there, I know that this will work for me. She is one of those people that never looked like she needed to lose weight, but now that she has, she looks simply amazing and she did it by following Weight Watchers for much of the past year.

My starting point was higher than I hoped it would be, but my goal remains unchanged. I have about 27# to lose to get to my goal - yes, that means I am up about 5# from where I was before. I guess that I enjoyed the holidays a little more than I wanted to admit.

It was easy enough to get back into weighing and measuring food and recording it in the tracker. I must say that having the tracker on my phone is certainly going to help. It will allow me to quickly add things when I am eating and not at home (or perhaps check them before I eat them). This was always an area where I struggled in the past. I would have good intentions and would estimate/measure and write things down, but being able to keep track as I go should help me be more aware and better manage my food consumption away from home.

What is it about the first day of "dieting"? I ate only a little less than I normally would, but for whatever reason, I felt famished the whole day. There must be something mental about starting to watch what you eat that leads your mind to think, I'm going to be deprived, better make the stomach act hungry. I used a little more of my weekly points than I had hoped to, but that just means I will need to be more aware as the week continues and may not have as many left for Saturday as I would like.
No compensation was received for this post. I was provided with a trial subscription to Weight Watchers. All opinions expressed are my own.

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