Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year!

Well, before winter break came, I was doing a great job of going to the gym every morning. I was walking/running and then doing a bit of biking. We had two solid weeks off and despite thoughts about going to the gym, I just didn't find the time. At one point, I took the kids up to use the pool and my daughter said to me, "we should take Daddy, so that you can walk Mommy". It sounded like good logic to me and I was impressed that my 6 year old was concerned that I find time to walk, but unfortunately, my husband wasn't available to join us because of work.

This morning, I got up on time and headed up to the gym to start the new year off right (they were closed yesterday). I got there and it seemed oddly dark. I headed to the track and noticed that the fitness center and the track were both dark. They evidently were having a light issue - although, the main hallways were well lit. I heard the music coming from a multipurpose room and peeked in. The instructor was getting the dark room set up for a Spinning class. I had never taken a Spinning class, but knowing that it was not looking good for walking or biking in the fitness center, I asked if I could try it out (there is a nominal fee to take a class). She invited me in to try the class.

It was a blast, it was incredibly difficult (I certainly wasn't up as much as they were) and I felt great at the end of the workout (and I'm starting to feel it now). I definitely will be doing that again! Plus, it is actually a class that starts before 6. Tomorrow, I am trying out a 6 am class, but I am concerned that it will run too long for me to get the rest of my morning in. After Spinning, I did a 1/4 mile cool down walk. The lights were back on. There were other people on the track - not sure if that was a function of the time (I'm normally there at 5:30 and it was 6:30) or if it is a New Year phenomena. I like my empty track and missed it today.

Eating was good today. There were still some tempting treats at the office - everyone had a great idea to bring in the bad stuff so that they wouldn't be tempted. I did really good until afternoon. Then, I just wanted a little something sweet. I was doomed from the time I took one bite - it just made me want more. I was able to resist keeping myself to only a second piece, but wish I hadn't had the first bite. I think I will pack another piece of fruit tomorrow.

We were at the mall yesterday and I told my husband that when I reached my goal, I was going on a shopping spree. I would keep certain staples from my wardrobe, but I wanted new clothes. I'm not sure that he realized that I was serious, but I am.

Unfortunately, the holidays set me back a bit, but I am certain that I will be back on track soon. Especially if I do sign up for a couple of classes that I will go to each week.

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