Thursday, January 3, 2013

Uninspired Workout

So, this morning, I got up and headed to the Y to check out their Zumba class. I have only taken Zumba from one instructor and she is someone that has lost weight and achieved better fitness through Zumba. She has a true love of the program. I got to the Y a half hour before the class started, so I began with a 1 1/2 mile warm up walk. Then, I headed to the fitness area to the group class studio. No one was there yet. I signed up for the overview program for the equipment in the fitness center. Just a few minutes before class started, the instructor arrived. There were supposed to be four people in the class, plus me - I was just checking it out. I was the only one as class started. The routines were not too complicated - but I still stumbled on some transitions, since they were new. After a couple of songs, another person arrived for the class. As the class progressed, the instructor slowed down - I don't know if she was not wanting to do jumping jacks or really move or if she was trying to demonstrate the low side for beginners, but it seemed so uninspired. I left the workout not really feeling like I had done much. I have some muscle tenderness now, so I think that I might have actually done something, it just wasn't the 'fun' class that I was used to Zumba being, because the instructor was not as energetic. I am hopeful that it was a first class of the new year kind of thing and that next week it will be better. I really wanted that to be one of the morning classes that I took in addition to Spinning.

Eating was okay today, until it wasn't. I like to think that I made mostly wise decisions when we went out to dinner at a new Mexican restaurant, but the reality is that I picked at the chips (so I know I had more than the 12 that is a serving). My meal was one chicken taco and one chicken enchilada. No sour cream. There was that queso though...and I enjoyed dipping a few chips in it. Hopefully, it won't have an actual impact, but I feel a little blah from the food right now.

Hoping for a healthier meal plan and a more energetic workout tomorrow!

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