Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Week

It is a new week and the Y finally seems to have the lighting issue under control. Yesterday morning, I arrived just as they got the lights on. Today, it seems that there were no issues with lighting.

Monday morning was filled with Spinning class. I am definitely getting 'better' at Spinning. I am able to stay 'out of the saddle' for longer periods. It probably helped that yesterday's class focused on strength training. Higher gears and climbing worked well for me. My legs were dying by the end of the class. I wrapped up with a 1/4 mile cool down walk around the track.

Eating was mostly okay yesterday, I seem to be experiencing a bit of stress at work and I am a stress eater, so I found myself picking at chocolate. I think I need an alternate stress breaker than chocolate.

This morning, I started my day with the intent to do strength training. I signed up at the Y for an equipment overview, so that I could ensure that I was doing the right circuit of strength training equipment and the right reps. Unfortunately, they haven't set those meetings up. I asked and the guy on duty told me the staff had not yet been trained on everything. So, I did a quick 1 1/4 mile walk and joined the Zumba class. I might wind up moving from a 3-day a week class schedule to 5-day a week - at least for this first session, since it feels like I will be through the session before I am called to set up a time to work through everything.

Time to get ready for the day!

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