Monday, March 4, 2013

Time Flies!

It is crazy to think almost a full week has passed since I posted. It was a busy week!

Thursday morning is one without a scheduled class. I had thought about heading up to the Y, but since I haven't yet had a chance to be trained on the use of the strength training equipment I decided to stay home and do P90X Arms and Shoulders. It was a good workout, it has been a while since I have done that DVD. I keep thinking that I will fit in three P90X strength workouts in the evening, since most of my morning workouts seem to be more cardio.

Friday morning it was back to Spinning. It was another great workout.

Saturday, I started my day with a one mile warm up, followed by Zumba Toning and then a Zumba class. I was a little surprised by how heavy those little 3# weights feel in your hands after a 45 minute class.

Sunday is usually a non-workout day for me, but my daughter has been asking me to take her to the track with me. I didn't realize how serious she was. I wore my jeans and a pair of tennis shoes, as we were going to run errands and have dinner out after we went to the track. She wanted for me to run with her...I couldn't really do that in jeans. I told her we could jog and that next week, I would wear workout clothes and then we could run. I think it is fun that she wants to work out with me. She always would join me in the DVD workouts, if she was up when I did them.

Today, unfortunately, my little girl is sick. She had gotten up in the middle of the night and I was tentative about going to the Y, but when my alarm went off and she hadn't been up again, I decided to go. Right up until it was time to walk out the door and I heard her get up. I headed back upstairs and sure enough, she got sick and I stayed home from Spinning. I had planned to do a DVD, but she was up and wanted to watch a show. So, I will have to see what I can fit in later today.

I am not a diet or fitness expert. I am a mom, just trying to be healthy and fit. All opinions expressed are my own.

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