Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday - back on track!

Is it just me, or do you sometimes feel lighter on your feet just knowing that you have lost a little weight? It doesn't seem to matter if I am down even just 0.1#, there is something mental about knowing I have lost weight. When I went for my run today, when I got to the run, I just felt much lighter on my feet.

I didn't sleep in today, but I didn't have my workout clothes upstairs and when I came down in my pajamas and got started on a project, I suddenly lost track of time and discovered that it was after 6! I didn't want to completely skip my workout, after all I had finally gotten back on track with the scale moving the right direction. I decided to head up to the track and do a mile. I knew that it was about 10 more minutes than I should have gone for based on my starting time, but I also knew that 1 mile at the track was better than nothing and would be over 2 miles in total workout. I'm glad I went, I feel better for having gone. It was almost like taking a break, not pushing my body with an extended run - in fact, I only ran 2 laps total and they weren't even consecutive.

Eating was good yesterday. Lunch was my standard and dinner was homemade pizza. There is just something so amazing about homemade pizza. It has a flavor that no other pizza can compare to.

I did Day 10 of the Ab Challenge last night. I really struggled with the 'rockers' that she did. I can barely do a v-up, let alone hold my body in that position and rock back and forth. I'm not sure if I'm just a wimp or if I am just that much out of shape. She makes it look so easy! I did like the move she did for the obliques though. I really think that when I am done with the 30 days, I will take a day or two off and try it again. I am convinced I should be able to do these exercises and maybe if I build up this month, next month I can rock it!

The scale, as I mentioned was down. In fact, compared to where I was after one month (a week ago Saturday) I was down another 0.8#. Awesome. Based on the Spark People chart which tracks my weight against the goal line (a straight line from my starting weight on Day 1 to the goal weight I set for January), I am still ahead of target, but the gap is closing. I need to stay focused and not lose entire weeks to recovering from bad choices and/or busy life.

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