Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

So, normally, I like to think - it's a holiday, I can take a workout holiday - but not today. Despite it being a holiday, I decided to get up and go for my run. Granted, I allowed myself to sleep in over an hour, which felt great, but the point is I went and ran. It was 73 and 86% humidity when I checked. The sun was higher in the sky. I was very surprised to arrive at the track and see a bunch of cars parked at the school. I guess one of the teams meets for the weight room, sprints, etc. in the morning. I think I see the first few arrive normally when I am at the track, but today since I was an hour later than normal, they were in the thick of their workout. There were a few others at the track as well. I like having a little bit of company, gives me incentives and allows me to push myself on different guideposts.

As usual, I walked the first lap and then started into my run. I wasn't even 1/2 way around that first lap when I started thinking, I'm not going to be able to go 5 1/4 laps like I did yesterday. I'll be lucky to finish 1 I thought, but at each turn, I had another milestone that kept me moving towards the next. As I entered the second lap, I was close to passing a woman that was walking at the track. Then, RunKeeper gave me a 5 minute update. Then, I was half way through my goal of 5. Then, I finished 3 laps. Then, I got another five minute update. Then, I finished 4 laps and told myself the rest is gravy, if I do it, I do it; if not, I still ran a mile. As I was approaching the 3/4 point on that lap, I thought about stopping, but realized that was 1/2 lap shorter than the day before. Then, I was thinking, I will get a five minute update shortly. Next thing I knew, I completed the save 5 1/4 laps as yesterday. Then, I thought I might just walk out the last lap and head home. As I was reaching the end of the lap, the guy next to me passed me and I decided to run and see how we paced. He was faster, but I finished the lap and that was what mattered. I did walk home though. The sun was making that 86% humidity feel very sticky.

I did pretty well with eating yesterday. A lunch time tornado warning resulted in a later than normal lunch, but I was able to resist the temptation to get something not as good for me simply because I was feeling famished. I did well at the two picnics, generally avoiding chips and sweets. At the first picnic, we started out with a kickball game - a good active way to avoid picking at the food. They had pulled pork, which I enjoyed without a bun. I had a couple of chips with it. The brownies I had brought were already long gone by the time we went through the line. At the second picnic, I did pretty well. I stayed away from the food for a good while and then had a bowl of chips with some cheese dip and some wine. Based on my estimates, I was well within target and even had some room for error on my estimates of portion.

After our picnics, I did come home and complete the 30 Day Ab Challenge. I did sort of okay on the two exercises, but the metabolic exercise was too hard for me and I simply couldn't complete it.

Of course, the scale didn't respond to a good day. The good news is that the evening weight is moving down, so again, one of these mornings the scale will just respond.

Today, we are hosting a picnic, so I will just have to make sure that I have a good balance of food that allows me to indulge wisely. We are picnicking at lunch, which gives me some flexibility to eat a lighter dinner, if necessary.

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