Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Recovery

When I got up to the track today, there were four people there already and they were running backwards, so I decided a clockwise day would be appropriate and joined them. I had pretty much decided that I would treat today a bit like a recovery day (at least by my definition) and not go the distance. I decided that a 1-3-1-3 pattern would work for me. I knew that I could do 2 miles at the track and still be home at a reasonable time. I sure am glad that I had already decided that I would not try to go for distance today. As I was completing the second lap of running, I was really pushing myself to stick to my guns of running 3 laps. It was a good workout and I think that alternating between days of distance and days of intervals might be a good way to improve my endurance and speed. I did also come to the conclusion today that if I think I want to get to the point where I can run a full 5K, I'm going to need to start to move earlier. I am up in plenty of time, it just takes me a while to get out the door. I figure even if it is only 3 or 4 minutes earlier each week, it would allow me to progressively lengthen my overall workout.

Eating was a little rough yesterday. I wound up in my target, but made some poor for me decisions. It wasn't even really a question of calories, but rather a question of how it made me feel. I had a chipotle shrimp quesadilla for lunch. It was tasty - shredded cheese, chipotle grilled shrimp, fajita peppers and onions and some fresh diced tomatoes on a tortilla. The problem was that my body isn't used to that type of food anymore. It made me feel like I had a weight in my stomach - I felt miserable. I drank lots of water in the afternoon trying to get rid of that feeling. I need to clearly think before I eat. It would have been better to have that same chipotle shrimp on a salad. Dinner was on the go, as my son is playing in a ball tournament. It was a sandwich and a rice krispie treat.

Scale is holding steady for now. But, I am okay with a plateau, drop, plateau, drop, pattern. I figure it means that my body is adjusting to a new normal and will return to weight loss once it has.

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