Thursday, July 19, 2012


When I went to bed last night, I checked the weather and there was a 30% chance of rain this morning. So, before I really 'got up', I came downstairs and checked out the weather - both by looking outside and pulling up the radar on my computer. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't get drenched if I headed out. Fortunately, the radar looked clear, but here I was downstairs, not in work out clothes. I started to fiddle with a few things on the computer, like respond to some e-mails, check out my friends' pictures on Facebook. I found myself not feeling very motivated. I finally decided that I better get upstairs and get myself dressed and get moving - or there would be no time. As it turned out, I left really late and only really had time for about 30 minutes. When I got to the track, it was crowded. The woman that runs many mornings with me was there, I like that we run about the same pace - so neither of us generally passes the other (except on cool down/warm up laps). Then, there were these three men (boys?) that were doing some sort of interval thing. As I approached, they took off and ran a lap. As I arrived, they stopped and then moved off to the side to do push-ups. I wasn't really sure what to expect, so I started in lane 5. By the time I came around to start my first lap of running, they were in lane 8 picking up the hurdles - I asked which lanes are you using and they told me that they were done - so I promptly moved over to lane 2 and started my run. I was originally going to do something more interval like, but decided to see if I could run 1.5 miles. I knew I 'could', I didn't know if time would allow. I actually pushed my workout an extra 3 minutes to allow myself to get in the full 1.5 miles. It felt good.

The scale was holding tight this morning. Overall, I think that is a good thing. Life happens (like travel, eating out, imbibing) and knowing that I can stay constant through that is a good thing. Plus, it makes me hopeful that a return to normal will kick-start the scale to moving the right way. Which makes me think that there is some merit to those diets that have a 6 days on, 1 day off approach - I think the day off has to still be reasonable, but I think your body needs the shock of change to lose weight. I have always found that to be reasonably true for me. If I'm plateauing, sometimes the best thing I can do is allow myself a little extra one day and then back in motion I go.

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