Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Month

WooHoo! I knew that the scale would do it one of these days. I was down almost 2# when I stepped on the scale. I didn't actually 'lose' 2# in one day, but I have been plateaued for about a week now. I think my body was adapting to things and making sure, before it 'released' this weight. I've seen it happen this way before, so I was just waiting on it.

The best part is that I have been doing this now for one month - started tracking on 5/29. I am down just over 10# in that window. That means that I am well on target of reaching my interim goal of being down 17# by my birthday. I would love to be ahead of that, but recognizing that the first few pounds are easier to lose, I am not yet ready to accelerate the timeline.

No run today - it is raining. We are going to spend our day with swimming lessons, soccer, and t-ball - so I'm guessing there won't be a work out today, but I am okay with that. I was able to run all five days last week, so I can afford a break in my routine. A chance for my body to recover and re-energize.

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