Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday - what a wonderful weekend it was!

I guess I have been a bit absent lately. I had a wonderful, crazy weekend. Lucky for me, my weekend started early. I took Friday off of work to host a garage sale. I would like to say it was good, but it really was a rather average sale. I wish we had sold more, but we didn't.

I had a good run/walk on Friday morning before the garage sale. I was very proud of myself for still getting up early and making the effort. I did 1.75 miles on the track and of course, the walk there and back. The rest of the weekend activity was just completed during the course of my days. We parked at the far end for soccer and walked to my son's game and then to my daughter's. We spent the afternoon and evening walking around Cedar Point. Sunday, I changed all the beds and did several loads of laundry, traversing the stairs multiple times. We had a baseball game and made several trips up and down the hill to the bathroom. Today, I started my week out with another run/walk. I went the same distance as Friday, but took a full minute longer. My guess is that I had more distance running on Friday and that it was less sticky and oppressive.

If the heavy, wet air this morning is an indication of what is to come, being able to extend the length of my run segments is about to become a real challenge. Hopefully, it is worse than normal because it rained most of the night.

Eating was good. Despite garage sale-ing and spending the day at the amusement park, I was able to keep my food balanced and pretty well in the target range. I was slightly over target on Saturday and then on Sunday, a bit again because we went out to dinner for Father's Day.

The scale was down on Saturday morning and Sunday morning, with a slight uptick today - which I expect to only be temporary and a result of going slightly over target with a meal out that was likely higher in sodium. I won't worry about it and hope that tomorrow it has 'gone' away.

Off to a wonderful week!

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