Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Days...

So, yesterday morning, the internet was down at my house. It sort of surprised me how much I use the internet in the morning. I missed posting about my daily results, I missed being able to go online and check things out at SparkPeople. I had to 'turn off' WiFi on my phone so that I could at least get online through my phone to be able to read e-mails and play games.

So, yesterday started out really good and then, well I wasn't as good as I should have been. I started my day with a run/walk. It was great! I went further than I had the other day, in total laps and in continuous laps. I started with a 1 lap walk, 1 lap run, like I normally do. After the next walk lap, I decided that I wanted to beat Tuesday, so I decided that I would try to get in 3 full laps. And, I did! Then, 1 lap of walk and 2 more laps of running. It was invigorating, as I walked home, I thought to myself, I think I could really enjoy becoming a runner.

Eating was good, until it wasn't. We decided to try this pizza place for dinner, that we had heard of and driven past, but never had. My friend and I went there to order it, since the owner told me the menu was too hard to explain on the phone. They only sell pizza we learned when we got there. We ordered one plain pizza and one that had tomatoes, green olives and banana peppers on it. While we waited, I had a glass of wine and she had a beer. When we came home, we ate the pizza with my family. The pizza was pretty average, but those toppings made for an awesome piece of pizza and I ate 3! Needless to say, three pieces of a 16" pizza are a good number of calories.

Today, my run was good, not quite as successful as yesterday, but I was at the track for one less lap and still ran 1 1/4, 2 1/2, and 2 laps or only 1/4 lap less than yesterday. It felt great. There were points where I felt so light on my feet and pace tells me that I ran stronger than I have so far. My average pace for the day was under 13 minutes/mile. That is great!

Hopefully, today will be a better day of eating. Thankfully, the scale is 'stuck' and whereas I didn't see the expected improvement on Wednesday, I was glad not to see the resultant penalty from yesterday.

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