Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday - a new week

Wow! What an invigorating workout! I think sometimes that I have my best workouts when I feel least like I am going to. I had a few obstacles today, but I worked through them and came out on top. I wasn't sure on the walk up that I would run much at all. I wasn't quite through the first lap of my run and was wondering why my legs hurt so much and my breathing was so heavy. I have to thank the two women at the track for helping to keep me going. They don't know that they did anything, they were simply walking and talking, but it became my goal to lap them, while I was running. This got me through the 2nd lap of running and by then, I was able to go for the run until the next 5 minute update goal. Then, I walked nearly a full lap before starting into my run again. Again, a target of lapping the other women became my goal again. It took me two running laps to do it and by then, I decided that in order to improve on what I had done last week, I would need to do one more lap and wanted to run as much as possible. Needing at least 1/4 lap to best my total run from last week. Well, I did it! I was at the track for 2 miles/8 laps and I ran 3+ and 3+, with a 1 lap walk before each. It felt so awesome. Best part - my pace for the whole outing was 12:21. A full :38 better than last time on a longer distance. I ran a full 1/3 mile more in only 1 minute longer than I did last Monday.

Eating was good yesterday. We went out for lunch after taking the kids for pictures. I planned ahead and printed off the pdf of the calorie information, so that I was able to make the best choices for me. Dinner was turkey soup, which I just find very simple and satisfying. I topped my day with a cheese and cracker snack, as I was light on protein for the day. I finished within my calorie target.

Which, is why, I am a little confounded today. The scale was right where it was supposed to be yesterday and yet this morning it was up 3#! Now, I get that things fluctuate and don't consider anything up or down 1/2# to really mean much, but 3#. Especially after a day where I was right on target with my eating. My body is doing something strange. I will do my best to 'ignore' it and hope that things correct for tomorrow.

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