Monday, June 11, 2012


It is so much so a Monday today. I awoke, late, with a splitting headache. Knowing that I had two loads of laundry to fold, one to dry (and fold) and one to wash and hang to dry, I decided that I would take an extra 15 minutes of sleep and do housework for my morning activity today. Oh, I so prefer walking and running to housework, but the thought of moving my head with each stride sounded like it would make my head explode. Speaking of explosions, when I did come downstairs with my load of laundry, our lights flashed and I heard two big booms - like something may have happened at the distribution center. I'm actually glad I wasn't outside, I think that the explosion sound would have sent me into a panic.

The weekend was a busy one. Unfortunately, the net result was that I went over on Saturday - there was cake and ice cream and one too many meals. We started our day with a normal breakfast. Then, it was off to soccer for my son. Then home, for a quick lunch before heading to my daughter's preschool graduation. Graduation was followed by a cake and ice cream social, complete with toppings. Then, it was home for a bit of a break and then an early dinner (3:45) before heading out to my son's baseball game. At the game, we nibbled on grapes - it was close to 90 and we needed something cool and wet for snacking. When we got home, we needed something because dinner was a bit early. We went with cheese, pepperoni and crackers. Of course, cheese and crackers need wine. In the end, I probably could have better managed the day. I should have had the presence of mind to skip at least the cake or the ice cream. I would have enjoyed either fully and really didn't need the second one. I probably could have sliced some apples to enjoy with the cheese. I love an apple paired with a good sharp cheddar, and it would have been both filled me and been lower in calories than the equivalent crackers.

The real opportunity here is for me to show myself how quickly I can recover from a day like that. Let's face it, in the course of life, there are going to be celebrations, busy days, and times where I want to relax with a glass of wine and cheese. I need to realize that one bad day doesn't mean I've thrown in the towel. The scale was up a couple of pounds the next day, I know that isn't real weight and that returning to normal will help.

Sunday, I ate at the high end of my calorie target. It was a better day than Saturday, but having a meal out made it more of a challenge. Now that we are back to a regular old day, it should be easier.

Unlike last weekend, I really didn't find the chance to fit in a workout mid-day. It was a little bit too warm to walk up to the baseball game with my daughter on Saturday and Sunday, we simply ran out of time.

It's Monday, time to get back on track!

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