Tuesday, June 12, 2012


WooHooo! What a run/walk. I am so glad that I went out for my morning activity today. I was so tempted to not go or cut it short or just walk. It was a little bit late when I got up. I actually was up when my alarm went off and then, decided, I really just want to lie here for 5 more minutes - 30 minutes later I got up. Then, by the time I had my shoes on and ready to go, it was already 45 minutes later than I normally start. I got outside and it was muggy, but fortunately not warm. I decided to head up to the track. I figured that I could still do 1 mile at the track at least, most likely walking I thought. Then, after I did my first lap, I decided, I'm at the track I may as well at least run part of a lap, even if I don't complete it. Well, I completed that lap and even ran about 10 paces beyond. Then, after the next walking lap, I decided I would run another lap. As I started, I thought, I might as well try to run 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 laps. The extra few minutes won't be that much of a problem. Then, I got my five minute update. I completed the lap, passed the 1/4 turn and then the 1/2. Then, I thought, I wonder if I could actually run the full time between updates, knowing I had started running before the start of the first one. I completed lap 2 and then passed the 1/4 turn and then as I approached the 1/2 turn, I got my update. I finished running at the 1/2. So, I went from maybe not going, to walking, to running 3 1/2 laps with 2 1/2 of the laps being continuous. It felt so good. Then, I was walking home and about 1/2 way up my street, it began to sprinkle. As I entered my garage, it began to rain. Talk about timing!

Eating was good yesterday. I was back on track with a normal breakfast, a reasonable lunch and a good dinner. I even had an evening snack and stayed near the lower portion of my target. It was good to eat normal - to not feel stuffed, to feel satisfied (ie not empty calories).

The scale took two days, but this morning, I did return to where I was Saturday morning before my very social day. That is not too bad. Two days to recover, tells me that I can have days where I enjoy myself and not get off track, as long as I don't make them too frequent.

#s to Go: 28.6#

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