Monday, June 4, 2012

a new week

Well, I suppose that technically, it is not the start of a new week just yet, since I began this new journey on a Tuesday, but since I like standard structure and it is Monday, we will call this a new week.

I am very pleased with my accomplishments from this first week.

I was able to do cardio (walk/run) every day this week with the exception of Friday when it rained. I even included my 5 year old on two of days - once on foot, once on scooter. I was disappointed to not do strength training, but feel that risking injury while I was trying to mend from a kinked neck was not worth trying to strength train. I bought a Groupon for Zumba, in the hopes that I can do that a couple of evenings a week, in addition to my morning routine.

I was able to stay within my calorie target most days. There were a couple that I was out, but not by much. I felt good with what I was eating. I learned a bit about choices. Like yesterday, the Mac'n Cheese at lunch was yummy, but at almost 500 calories, it was close to 1/3 of what I should eat all day. As yummy as it was, it wasn't worth this much to me - it wasn't satisfying enough to make me rush to have it again.

The scale smiled kindly upon me as a result of my effort in both activity and food.

#s to Go: 30.6, down 3.4#

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