Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well, I was successful again on Wednesday with getting up and working out. I chose the Leslie Sansone 4-Mile Super Walk on Wednesday. As it turns out, it took almost as long as the 5-Mile Fat Burning Walk. Normally I would say that the 5-Mile is a better option, because I am moving faster, but there is the band component which gives a bit of a resistance work out on alternating miles of the Super Walk. Either way, the point is that I got up and exercised. Again, I realized how good it feels to work out in the morning. It makes me feel better the whole day long.

I started to track again today. I wasn't on top of it completely, in that I ate and then tracked. Should remember to do it the other way, so I don't eat something expecting it to be less Points than it actually is. Overall, I did pretty well. I'm trying to have a protein shake/bar in the morning after my workout to fuel my body and the challenge to me is that these items seem to be about 5 Points each. When I look at a Daily Points target of 29, this is a good chunk. The good news is that I don't eat the oatmeal typically when I have the shake/bar, so net it is only about 2 more Points than I was having...and I am working out.

To round out breakfast, I also had a banana. Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich (it was Ash Wednesday and fish didn't sound good) and a yogurt. I snacked on some chocolate (3 Points). Dinner was pasta with Arrabiata sauce. The sauce is mostly tomatoes, so that helped. I capped my evening with a glass of wine (4 Points) and a small slice of Cream Cheese Pound Cake (4 Points). I finished with a total of 32 Points for the day.

I'm planning to do a more proactive tracking approach going forward.

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