Saturday, February 11, 2012


Friday was a much better day. Finally the scale is starting to get back to where I was. I didn't have the chance to exercise in the morning as I continue to be challenged with motivation in the cold, dark of morning. I know that I will get back to it and just need to make sure that I am not beating myself up about it.

Eating was reasonable Friday (although, I did sneak in a fun size Twix - I have a weakness for them). Breakfast was a banana and oatmeal. Lunch was a taco salad with a bit of grilled flank steak, I even skipped the sour cream (got it, just didn't use it). Mid-afternoon I had a clementine and later that Twix I mentioned. Dinner was spaghetti and some bread. Not a very exciting today, but at least I wasn't overeating. I probably should have added some more vegetables to the day. I did not actually track my day, I know that I need to resume that, but figure I will get a fresh start on Saturday. It will be the last day of the week for me, but if I get in the groove again, then next week will start out better.

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