Monday, February 13, 2012

the weekend

The good news is the weekend was much better than the past week. I was about 80% on tracking, doing much of it after eating, but at least I was back to tracking. This should be a huge help for me. I know that I simply do better when I keep track. Of course, entering the Points before I consume them is a great way to help me control my intake.

The bad news is that now I am fighting a head cold. I had hoped to get up and work out, but when you can't breath it really makes working out not an option. I'm hoping that if I throw enough Vitamin C, Zinc, tea and honey at this cold, it will diminish quickly and I can get back to working out. *not that this head cold was the cause, but it kept me from returning.

My scale is out of battery. Guess I had better pick up a new battery or I will not have that portion of my feedback available.

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