Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'm Still Here..

Honest! I am not sure what has happened but clearly I have been very busy, as it has been well over a week since I last checked in and my intention is to check in daily.

Last weekend was a very busy weekend and as such, very challenging. We had out of town company for the weekend, a wedding, a post-wedding picnic, dinner out with our guests - all activities that make tracking of eating a challenge and left me with little time (I was up too late to get up early) to fit in extra activity. It was a great weekend, and I wouldn't change it, it just set me back a bit.

Monday morning, our company had an early morning flight, so once they left, I headed to the track and got in a really good trip. I walked the first mile, did sprint intervals for a mile and then cooled down. It felt really good to be so active and I love the sprints.

Tuesday, I was back up at the track - I had overslept, so it was only a one mile run at the track, but it was still good to be active. Wednesday, I overslept again (I think this theme is a result of the busy weekend and busy evenings). It was a little later, so I only got three laps of running in. I also learned that when I don't get up early enough to do some things around the house, I am a lot more tired when I head up and really struggle.

Thursday, I was up on time and the sun failed to show. I headed up to the track late - but got in 3 laps of running and 2 laps of sprint intervals. Having been up for a while, waiting on the sun, which finally made an appearance as I was wrapping up my workout, made me feel less tired and more able to run.

Friday it was raining. I had great intentions of fitting in my run, I got dressed came downstairs, had some water and heard the start of the rain. I was going to do a DVD workout, but decided instead to make apple crisp to take to work. It took me a while and then it was time to shower.

Saturday, there wasn't time to fit in a workout, but we did walk around the mall doing a bit of back to school shopping.

Overall, the eating was okay. I struggled over the weekend, but have done well since. Unfortunately, I was at the top of the target range most days, so loss was slow. The good news is that I am back at the low that I recorded about two weeks, I just need to get moving back down. I am at the point where I am about to intersect my goal line. I was bummed to realize this when I entered the weight this morning. I have been ahead of my goal all along, I know that when I get to the last few pounds that it will be a struggle and I will likely catch it, but I'm not ready to be at goal or behind on the journey. Of course, it makes me realize that I have to keep giving it my all, or I will not be able to achieve my goal.

Of course, keeping up with this journal helps me be successful on my journey, so I need to give it more effort too!

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