Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going the Distance

Well, that might make one think that I really had some sort of a record breaking outing today, which I certainly did not. What I did experience is how your mind makes all the difference in your outing. When I got to the track, I wasn't really sure what my work out plan was. As soon as I got to my lane, I started to run. I thought about what I might want to do. Before I even finished my first lap, my body was ready to be done. I simply couldn't allow that. I convinced myself to try to run 4 laps. Then, when I got my time/distance update near the middle of my third lap, I decided I would run at least until the next update - that would put me into my fifth lap. As I got the update, I decided that I really should keep going. I decided I would complete six laps. As I was completing my sixth lap, I decided that it was important to me that I finish strong, so I decided I would sprint the last 1/4 lap - which actually would put me to 6 1/4 laps of running. When I completed the sprint, I got my update which was the one that I needed to head home on. Rather than finishing the 3/4 lap remaining, I walked back the 1/4 that I had just run. It was a good outing, especially considering that yesterday I wasn't sure about running even one lap.

Eating was mostly good yesterday. I started my day with a protein shake and a banana. Unfortunately, my banana was squishy on the bottom. I had designs on making some oatmeal, but one thing lead to another and it was lunch time. I had lunch with a friend. We met for Mexican, which when you are hungry is a challenge - those chips kept calling my name! I had the chicken fajitas, no rice, no beans, no tortillas. Essentially grilled chicken and veggies. Makes me not feel so bad about those chips. In the mid-afternoon, I stumbled upon a banana cream pie - I couldn't help it, I had to have a sliver. I skipped most of the crust (if that is a plus?). Dinner was coconut shrimp (baked) and pierogie.

The scale responded nicely on the road to recovery of my current low. If I stay strong today and don't give in to chips and banana pie, I am confident the scale will respond again tomorrow.

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