Monday, March 5, 2012

where do the days go??

Seriously, it's been that long since I posted? I'm really good at this daily log thing!

Well, let's see.

Thursday was a reasonably good day. I started my day with a Walk At Home workout. I made some great food swaps on Thursday that saved some serious Points. At lunch, I moved my sandwich from a pretzel roll (yummy) to a Deli Thin. The flavor that I was after was coming from the turkey, cheese, red pepper and banana peppers anyway - so having less bread actually made those flavors shine through. And, because they toast the sandwich, the bread had a nice little bite to it too. The trade off - 7 Points for the Pretzel Roll, 2 Points for the Deli Thin. Know how much 'food' you can eat with 5 extra Points? Another swap that I made was moving from creamer (I ran out) to Vanilla Coconut Milk. I was able to use 1/2 cup in my coffee and it was the same Points as the creamer, but with the added volume, I got a much lighter cup of coffee and a great flavor. We also tried a yummy new recipe at dinner that a satisfying serving of was only 7 Points. It was Creamy Chicken Florentine (I'll have to remember to post the recipe on my recipe blog). What was even more satisfying was using leftover roast chicken and having the prep time be just about the time it takes to make a pot of pasta.

Friday another good day! I'm sensing a pattern. I started my day with a Walk At Home workout. I made the same morning swap on creamer for my coffee, enjoyed a PB&J, yogurt and fruit for lunch, a yummy salad with croutons and cheese and 'regular' dressing, and capped the evening with a drink with my husband. And, I did it all with just my Daily Points. Amazing!

Saturday started great - with the scale moving in the right direction again finally. I'm convinced that my body just takes time to recognize that I am eating right and being more active. When it drops, it drops. I was down over a pound since Friday morning. Saturday was spent with family. We had lunch out with my brother and his family and my parents. It was yummy, but the 'best' menu option was still 10 Points. I was just glad that I spent the drive to the restaurant calculating the options. What I thought was the healthier option was actually 14 Points and I would have been bummed to learn that after the fact. Then, we spent the afternoon and evening celebrating my niece's birthday. My sister-in-law's family joined us for the festivities. I enjoyed some wine, had bread with my dinner, a cupcake and ice cream. It was okay though, I still had over 20 Weekly Points that I was able to use on Saturday.

The thing is, when you use all of your Weekly Points at once, the scale takes a couple of days to return to 'normal'. Sunday morning was up slightly. Sunday was a good day. I enjoyed Doritos on the side of my cheeseburger and a glass of wine (most of it, because I dropped it accidentally) and still finished the day using only 3 of my weekly Points. Monday morning represented a partial return to where I was before cashing in my Weekly Points on Saturday.

I will persevere though. I know it works and I know that the swing is only temporary.

No compensation was received for this post. I was provided with a trial subscription to Weight Watchers. All opinions expressed are my own.

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