Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had a really good run to start my day. I impressed myself. I stayed in the neighborhood because my friend wasn't heading for the track. I started out planning to run as I had before, 5 minutes on, part of the next 5 minutes, 5 minutes on, etc. But, instead I pushed myself. I simply tried to run as much as I could. I ran the first 5 minutes and beyond, then when I felt I needed a moment, I would drop to a walk, but would try not to walk for more than a 2 house distance. I must have done okay, I ran/walk 3.28 miles in 35 minutes. I'm still not to the under 30 minute 5K that my friend is now running, but considering that I still walked a portion of that distance, I feel really good about that number - my pace was 10:38 per mile.

Did you catch my post on the RunKeeper app? I really like it. I do find myself imploring the woman in the phone to talk to me, so that I can take a few moments and walk when I am running on time. But, besides from the likely funny looks I would get if someone heard me talking to no one, it is a great app.

Eating was good. Managed to forget my banana, again!

I felt really good when I checked my weight at bedtime, despite seeming to be up in the morning, I weighed less at bedtime than I had that morning. ??? Seems odd, but I will take it.

#s to Go: (morning) 26.0
Calories Consumed:
1350 calories
Calories Burned:
3.65 miles run/walk, 10:57 pace, 595 calories
1 mile walk, 15:00 pace, 120 calories

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