Thursday, September 1, 2011


I awoke to thunder, must have been around 3:30 am. I was certain that meant that I would not be going out to walk this morning. When my alarm went off, it was clear. A quick glance of the weather map and I discovered I was good to go. But, maybe I should have taken a break? My foot was a little tender when I woke up and whereas it didn't bother me while I was walking, I could tell that I was walking at a slower than normal pace. At first I was a house behind, but before long, I was a few houses behind pace. It wound up taking me longer today than it did yesterday - walking 2.87 miles vs walking/running 3.44 miles - over 1/2 mile less and it took 15 s longer! Maybe tomorrow I take a break?

#s to Go: 23#

Calories Burned:
2.87 mile walk; 15:22 pace; 450 calories

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