Monday, September 26, 2011


It was a little bit difficult to get back into routine today, but I did my best. I started my day with a 3-mile walk. I wanted to run, but figured with 10 days away from activity for exercise (trust me - I was active walking around, it just wasn't for exercise) I was better off walking the first day. I can definitely feel it, even as I sit here this evening. Tomorrow, I would like to work in some running.

I did pretty well with eating today. I figure I was close to 1400 calories, which is on the higher end of my target. I found myself craving something sweet at the end of my meals. Guess that is what a week of having dessert with lunch and dinner will do for you. I did grab a small snack size candy bar early afternoon to meet that craving.

My hope is that by getting back on track today, that I will find myself already in a better position tomorrow.

#s to Go: 26.2#
Calories Consumed: 1400 calories
Calories Burned:
3 mile walk, 14:30 pace, 370 calories

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