Monday, September 26, 2011


Alright, clearly I lost steam, but I hope that now I am back. We took a family vacation and simply stated I enjoyed myself. Not only enjoying the time with the family, but also the opportunity to dine. I drank soda at most meals, which relative to my less than a glass a week norm was a significant change for me...this one should be easy to overcome and correct. We had dessert at many meals, it was free and I hate to be wasteful. This one will be a little harder to correct, you sort of become used to having a sweet at the end of the meal and it can be hard to overcome. Generally, my food choices weren't awful, frequently though, they were dictated by what was available and certainly there could have been better options, just not right then or there.

I don't have a direct reference, because I didn't keep up well while preparing for the trip, but I know that relative to where I was 20 days ago, I am up 3.6#. I am hopeful that this will melt away with a return to normal.

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