Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

You know the thing about eating good and exercising? When you take a break - your body hates you!

I allowed myself to splurge a little with dinner out on Sunday - I got Beer Cheese Soup and a Chicken BLT Salad. It seemed like restrained splurging...problem was, the salad was like a salt lick. There wasn't bacon, but rather seemed to be more of a corned beef. The chicken had been marinated, but was so salty, I could barely eat it. I fished around trying to find a piece or two more of lettuce, but it seemed to be sparse in my salad. Totally disappointed. I asked for a wedge of lime when I got my fifth refill of water. Sprinkled with sugar, it finally helped to remove some of the salt flavor from my mouth. Then, after the show we saw, we went out for a drink. I had only intended to have one glass, but wound up with two. I did avoid having Taco Bell when the others stopped.

Then, Monday we were at a picnic. My meal was well balanced with a cheeseburger (no mayo), an ear of corn (spray butter), a dab of potato salad and some watermelon. I sat at the table and there were pita chips and spinach dip. I didn't take much, at a time, but after sitting and visiting for a while, I am sure that I ate a lot more pita chips than I consciously realized. I also had a couple glasses of wine.

Today, I felt major yuck. I didn't sleep well last night and haven't felt fully normal at all today. I did make a concerted effort to eat better today. I think it is helping and hope a good night's sleep will help further.

I got out for a walk this morning, but had to hurry home, only doing about 2.75 miles. It is supposed to be rainy the next few days, so it is likely I will have to work out at home. That was about the only thing that kept me from going back to bed this morning. Well, that and my weight - over the course of the weekend I had gained 4#. Of course, much of this is not real weight, but it was still a shock to the system to see that number. Thankfully, when I was upstairs, I peeked at the scale and it was already down 2# (and that was post-dinner, so it should certainly look better tomorrow!)

Tuesday -
#s to go - more than it should be
Calories Consumed: 1200 calories
Calories Burned:
2.75 mile walk, 13:45 pace, 415 calories

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