Monday, October 31, 2011


Well, I started my day with good intentions. Then, I came downstairs to check the weather before putting on my work out clothes. Pretty much cancelled work out plans. As always, I got wrapped up in doing this, that and the other thing and without being ready to go out...I lost all motivation. I got some stuff done, which was good, but I wish I would have worked out.

I did get some walking in...I walked the neighborhood for Trick or Treat with the family. Now, I just have to make sure that I'm not tempted by all of those treats in the house.

Eating...oh boy! I have stopped being consistent in tracking. In fact, my notebook where I jot it all down at, has been in my car for a week now. Not a good thing. I still act like I am making good choices, but I know that there are little things that are sneaking in and then there is that occasional good plan, bad execution. Like today at lunch. I filled over half of my plate with salad, then, I stacked two slices of pizza and some chips on the other side. The point of filling with salad was supposed to be so that I only had room for one slice, but I failed at executing that plan.

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